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Ch. 23 and 24

Central Service Technicians who do not think they are being treated appropriately by their employer should: discuss the situation with their supervisor
Behavior relating to what is "right" and "wrong" relative to the standards of professional conduct are called: ethical behavior
A step in communication that occurs when a listener asks a question is called: feedback
This process allows a person to understand someone else's needs communication
The ability to use information gained from words or body language to interact with others communication
Which of the following is the most important factor necessary for teamwork? attitude
Which of the following statements is correct? Informal work groups develop an informal communication system called the grapevine
A group of employees from different departments within the healthcare facility that work together to solve operating problems is called a cross-functional team
Knowing what is expected and consistently meeting those expectations is part of professional behavior
Which of the following is an open-ended question? What problems do you most frequently encounter on the job?"
When setting personal goals, set goals that are attainable, then build on those successes
Steps toward attaining professional goals in Central Service include all the above
One important step in preparing for an interview is: all the above
Personal development improves employability skills True
Professional development provides the information and experience needed for career progress True
A technician teaching others increases their own understanding of the standards. True
Planning and reviewing goals will identify activities to help meet those goals. True
Resources found online have already been determined to be valid before they are posted online False
On the job relationships do NOT change when one team member has been promoted False
Coaching is an example of: formal communication
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