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LPT NS Personal care

Nursing skills

You should clean the peri-area from back to front false
You should lift the person under the knee's to correctly position the brief false
You should always use powder to protect the skin after changing an adult brief false
An uncircumcised male needs to have the foreskin pulled back to cleanse during pericare true
Hygiene is: practices like fingernail , foot and hair care
One way to promote dignity and independence with personal care is to Encourage residents to perform tasks independently even if it takes longer
Observing resident's skin during personal care and bathing is expecially important in the prevention of pressure sores
The highest priortiy when bathing residents is: safety
A general rule for bathing a person is Wash from the cleanest ot dirtiest
The part of the body that should be washed first is eyes
Which area should be washed everyday? perineum
How often must oral care be provided for residents? At least twice a day
A resident who is edentulous: lacks teeth
Residents who are unconscious may require oral care as often as: every two hours
Residents without teeth do not require oral care. T/F False
What is the proper temperature for rinsing and storing dentures? lukewarm
The primary risk for unconscious residents is aspiration
When do you give nail care? when you notice a resident's nails are getting long or at least once a week
When assisting a resident who has one weak side with dressing, you should clothing should be put on the weak side first
When trimming fingernails you should make sure to: trim straight across and file the corners
When a resident has left-sided weakness, what part of the sweater is put on first left sleeve
Washing eyes consideration is cleaning from inside to outside, using a clean part of cloth for each wipe
You are bathing someone a notice a reddened area on the person's heel. Your primary responsibility is to notify the nurse and document
Fingernails are cut straight across to: prevent skin overgrowth
A resident has a reddened area at the edge of his toenail, you should contact a nurse and follow instruction and document
Shaving a male's face considerations are: Shave in the direction of hair growth
Toothbrushes should be stored: in an upright position so they can dry
You have noted white patches in a residents mouth, you should contact a nurse and follow directions and document
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