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LPT NS Seizure

Nursing Skills

Anticonvulsant Medications used to control seizures
Do only intellectually disabled or handicapped people have seizures no
Ketogenic diet special diet used to help control seizures. Diet has a limited amount of protein and veg
Therapeutic blood level The amount of medication needed to control seizures and limit toxcity
cerebral hypoxia lack of oxygen to the brain
3 common side effects of anticonvulsants lethargy, sedation, lack of appetite
What are 3 things that can increase seizure activity stress, illness, constipation
Some people have warning before a seizure that is called? aura
A blank stare may be called a ______seizure absence
One of the newer treatments for seizures is vagal nerve stimulation (VNS)
Tonic clonic is also called Grand mal
Describes seizure that do not stop status epilepticus
Symptoms of a seizure could be: loss of consciousness, a sudden blank stare, aimless body movements
First aid for a person having a seizure is to put something in their mouth so they don't swallow their tongue T/F false, you cannot swallow your tongue
A seizure that was preceded by a cry, generalized stiffening, and then violent jerking of the limbs could be a tonic-clonic seizure
Post-ictal means After the seizure; maybe drowsy, incontinent and disoriented
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