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LPT NS Urinary Sys

Nursing skills

A person is not feeling well or having an elevated temp might be signs of infection
True or False Foley catheter reduce risk of bladder or kidney infections false
You should wash around the insertion site of a catheter how many times a day twice
Excessive leaking of urine from the insertion site of a catheter should be reported to a nurse
Do not touch the _____ of the specimen cup or lid inside
You should avoid disconnecting the Foley catheter from the tubing of the closed system because there is a risk of contamination and infection
True or False You can store a urine specimen in the refrigerator until you can get it to the lab false
Normal urine is clear pale and ______ yellow
The drainage bag of a foley catheter should be kept _____the bladder below
After you obtain any kind of specimen you should also document you obtained the specimen and anything unusual about the specimen
True or False Foley catheter reduce risk of infection false
The Foley catheter is kept in place in the bladder by an inflated balloon near the tip of the catheter
Dark yellow urine could be a sign of lack of fluid or dehydration
Cloudy, mucous, or strong smelling urine could be a sign of infection
The tubing of the foley catheter must be kept secured to the ____to help prevent it from being pulled out of the bladder leg
What is another name for urinating? voiding
Normal qualities of urine include: clear or tansparent color and a faint smell
Indwelling catheters do not affect muscle tone T/F False, decreases muscle tone
Fluids high in sodium increase urinary output T/F False, decrease urinary output because your body will retain fluid
The best position for men to urinate is: standing
The healthy person needs to conume at least ___ounces or cc of fluid each day 64 ounces or about 2000 cc
A ____catheter is inserted to drain urine present in the bladder and is removed immediately after urine is drained staight
It is OK to hang the catheter drainage bag from the bedrail to keep it off the floor? T/F False, when you lower the bedrail it could pull the catheter out
People who have indwelling catheters should not have a bath to prevent urinary infections? T/F False, people with catheters can be bathed, you just need to be careful when transfering not to pull on the tubing
A _____urine specimen can be collected anytime the resident voids. Routine
Which type of urine specimen does not include the first and last urine in the sample? Clean-catch
A resident should be offered a bedpan, urinal, or trip to the bathroom about ___minutes after fluids are consumed? 30 minutes
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