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Nursing skills

One symptom of this would be lung rales (noisy breathing) and difficulty breathing overhydration
True or false Increased blood pressure is a sign of dehydration false
The best form of fluid a person can drink water
An adult needs about _____cc of fluid per day 2500cc
Sweating, vomiting, and diarrhea can lead to ___? dehydration
Normal ways of losing fluid is respiration, urination, perspiration
The most common cause of fluid imbalance dehydration
Normal fluid balance for everyone: intake and output are about equal
Dark yellow urine and infrequent urination could be a sign of dehydration
To convert ounces to milliliters multipy by: 30
If a resident drinks four ounces of water with a meal, how many mL has he consumed 120
What is an effective way for a technician to prevent dehydration encourage a resident to drink at least every two hours
A resident who has a restrict fluid order: must limit the daily amount of fluids consumed to a level set by the doctor
Created by: LPT Program