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LPT abbre & term

abbreviations and terminology

a, an without, not, lack of
analgesic without pain
apnea without breath
anoxia without oxygen
ante: before, infront of
antepartum before delivery
bi: two, twice, double
bifocal two lenes
brady: slow
bradycardia slow pulse, heatbeat
bradypnea slow breathing
contra: aginst
contraceptive prevents pregnancy
dis: apart,free from
disinfected free from microorganisms
dissect cute apart
dys: bad, painful
dysuria painful urination
dyspnea difficult breathing
endo: inner
endoscope insterument for examing the inside of organ
endocardium within the heart
endometrium within the uterus
epi: on, upon, over
epidermis outer layer of skin
erythro red
erythrocyte red blood cell
ex out, away from
exhale to breath out
hemi: half
hemisphere one of two parts of the brain
hemiplegia partial paralysis
hyper to much, high
hypertersion high blood pressure
hypo below, under
hypotersion low blood pressure
inter: between, within
interdisciplinary between disciplines
intercostals between ribs
leuk: white
leukopenia decrease in white blood cells
mal: bad, ilness, disorder
malformed badly made
micro: small
microscpic too small for the eye to see
microcephaly small head
olig: small,scant
oliguria small amout of urine
patho: disease, suffering
pathology study of disease
pathogenic capable of causing disease
per: by, though
perforate to make a hole through
peri: around
pericardium sac around the heart
periosteum covering of bone
periodontal disease disease of tissue around the teeth
poly: many, much
polyuria much urine
post: after, behind
postmortem period after death
postsurgical after surgery
pre: before, in front of
prenatal period before birth
premenstrual before menses
sub: under, beneath
subcutaneous beneath the skin
supra: above, over
suprapelvic located above the pelvis
tachy: swifty, fast, rapid
tachycardia rapid heartbeat
Abdomin(o): abdomen
abdominal pertaining to the abdomen
aden (o): gland
adenitis inflammation of a gland
angi (o): vessel
angioplasty surgical repair of a vessel using a balloon
arerio: artery
arteriosclerosis hardening of artery walls
arthr (o): joint
arthrotomy cut into the a joint
brachi (o): arm
brachial pertaining to the arm
bronchi, bronch (o): bronchus
bronchopneumonia inflammation of lungs
bronchitis infammation of bronchchial tree
card, cardi (o): heart
cardiology study of the heart
cardiologist doctor who specializes in the heart
cephal(o): head
cephalalgia headache
cerebr (o): cerebrum
Cerebrospinal pertaining to the brain and spinal cord
chole, chol(o): bile
cholecystitis inflammation of the gall bladder
colo: colon
colonoscopy examination of the large intestine or colon with a scope
cost (o): rib
costochondral pertaining to a rib
intercostals in between the ribs
crani (o): skull
craniotomy cutting into the skull
cyan(o): blue
cyanosis blue,gray or purple tinge to the skin due to lack of oxygen in the blood
cyst(o): bladder, cyst
cystitis inflammation of the bladder
derm, derma: skin
dermatits inflammation of the skin
duoden(o): duodenum
duodenal pertaining to the duodenum, the first part of the small intestine
encephal(o): brain
encephalitis inflammation of the brain
gaster(o)gastro: stomach
gastritis inflammation of the stomach
geron: aged
gerontology study of the aged
gluco: sweet
glucometer device used to measure blood glucose
glyco, glye sweet
glycosuria glucose (surgar) in the urine
gyneco, glye women
gynecology study of diseases of the female reproductive organs
hema,hemato,hemo: blood
hematuria blood in the urine
hepato: liver
hepatomegaly enlargement of the liver
hyster(o): uterus
hysterctomy sugical removal of the uterus
ile (o) ili (o): ileum
ileorrhaphy sugical repair of the ileum
laryng (o): larynx
laryngectomy excision of the larynx
lymph(o) lymph
lymohocyte type of white blood cell
mast (o): breast
mastectomy excision of the breast
melan(o): black
melanoma mole or tumor, maybe cancerous
mening(o):meninges; membranes covering the spinal cord or brain
meniegitis inflammation of the membranes of the spinal cord or brain
necro: death
necrotic dead tissue
nephr (o): kidney
nephrectomy removal of a kidney
neur (o): nerve
neuritis inflammation of a nerve
onc (o): tumor
oncology study of tumors
ophthalm(o): eye
ophthalmologist eye doctor
oste (o): bone
osteoarthritis disease of the joints
ot (o): ear
otology science of the ear
pharyng (o): pharynx
pharyngitis inflammation of the throat, sore throat
phelb (o): vein
phebitis inflammation of a vein
pneo (a): breathing
apnea without breathing
pneum: air, gas, respiration
pneumomia inflammation of the lung
pod(o): foot
podiatrist foot doctor
proct (o): anus, rectum
proctology study of the rectum
pulm(o): lung
pulmonary relating to the lung
splen (o): spleen
splenmegaly enlarged spleen
stomat (o): mouth
stomatitis inflammation of mouth
therm(o): hot, heat
thermometer measures temperature
thorac (o): chest
thoracotomy incision into chest wall
thromb (o): blood clot
thrombus blood clot blocking a vessel
toxic (o), tox (o): poison
toxicology study of poison
trache (o): trachea, windpipe
tracheostomy incision to make an artifieial airway
urethr(o): urethra
urethritis infalmmation of urethra
-leuko white
leukocyte white blood cell
erytho: red
erythrocyte red blood cell
-cyan blue
cyanosis blue discoloration of skin
-melan: black
melanoma black malignant tumor primariy of the skin
-chlor: green
chlorama green malignant tumor
-xanth: yellow
xanthopsia abnormal vision in which everything has a yellow hue
xasthoses yellow discoloration of tissue of malignant diseases
-cyte: cell
leukocyte white blood cell
-ectomy: excision, removal of
splenectomy removal of spleen
-emesis vomiting
hyperemesis excessive vomiting
-emia: blood condition
anemia lack of red blood cells
-ism: a condition
hyperthyroidism condition caused by a an excessive production of thyrioid hormones
-itis: inflammation
stomatitis infammation of the mouth
-logy: study of
hematology study of the blood
-megaly enlargement
splenomegaly enlarged spleen
-oma: tumor
melanoma mole or tumor, may be cancerous
-osis: condition
halitosis bad breath
-ostomy: creation of an opening
ileostomy creation of an opening into the ileum
-pathy: disease
myopathy disease of the muscle
-penia lack
leukopenia a lacl of white blood cells
-phagia to eat
dysphagia difficulty swallowing
-phasia: speaking
aphasia absence of speaking
-phobia exaggerated fear
-plasty: surgical repair
angioplasty surgical repair of a vessel using a balloon
-plegia: paralysis
paraplegia paralysis of lower portion of the body
-rrhage: excessive flow
hemorrhage excessive flow of blood
-scopy: examination using a scope
colonoscopy examination of the large intestine or colon with a scope
-stomy: creation of an opening
colostomy opening into the colon
-tomy: incision, cutting into
thoracotomy incision into chest wall
-uria: condition of the urine
dysuria painful urination
a before
*HS/hs hours of sleep write: bedtime
a.c. before meals
a.p./AP apical pulse
abd abdomen
ac, a.c. before meals
ad lib as desired
ADLs activies of daily living
am,AM morning
Amb ambulate, ambulatory
amt. amount
approx. approximately
as tol as tolerated
ASAP as soon as possible
assist assistance
ax axillary
BID,b.i.d. two times a day
BM bowel movement
BP, B/P blood pressure
BPH benign prostatic hypertrophy
BPM beats per minute
BR bedrest
C centigrade, Celsius
c with
c/o complains of , in care of
Ca/CA calcim, cancer, carcinoma
CAD coronary artery disease
cal. calorie
cath. catheter
CBC complete blood count
CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
C-diff clostridium difficile
CHD coronary heart disease
CHF congestive heart failure
chol cholesterol
ck check
cl liq clear liquid
cm centimeter
CNA certified nursing assistant
CNP certified nurse practitioner
CO2 carbon dioxide
COPD chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
CP cerebral palsy
CPR cardiopulmonary resuscitation
CRF chronic renal failure
CVA cerebrocascular accident, stroke
DC, d/c Discontinue
DNR do not resuscitate
DOB date of birth
DON director of nursing
Dr. Dorctor
drsg Dressing
DVT deep vein thrombosis
Dx/dx diagnosis
e.g. for example
ECG,EKG electrocardiogram
EENT eye, ear, nose and throat
ER emergency room
exam examination
F fahrenheit, female
F/U, f/u Follow up
FBS fasting blood sugar
FDA Food and Drug Administration
Fe iron
FF force fluids
Fld fluids
FWB full weight bearing
fx Fracture
FYI for your information
GAD generalized anxiety disorder
Gal gallon
GERD gastroesophageal reflux disease
GI gastrointestinal
Gm,gm Gram
GU Genitourinary
GYN/gyn gynecology
H history and physical
h,hr,hr. hour
H/A headache
H2O water
HAV hepatitis A virus
HBV hepatitis B virus
HCV hepatitis C virus
HDV hepatitis D virus
HEV hepatitis E virus
Hg mercury
Hi-cal high calorie
HIPAA Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
HIV human immunodeficiency virus
HOB head of bed
HPV human papilloma virus
ht height
Hx history
hyper above normal, too fast, rapid
hypo low, less than normal
I intake and output
i.e. that is
I.V., IV Intravenous
ID identification
IM intramuscular
In inch
inc incontinent
IQ intelligence quotient
K+ Potassium
kg kilogram
L Left
l liter
lab laboratory
lb Pound
LE lower extremity
liq liquid
Low-cal/ Low-fat low calorie, low fat
M.D. medical doctor
meds medications
mg milligram
MI myocardial infarction
min miunte
mL milliliter
mm millimeter
mm Hg millimeters of mercury
MRSA methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aurens
MS multiple sclerosis
N/A not applicable
N/C no complaints, no call
Na sodium
NaCl sodium chloride
NKA no known allergies
noc Night
NPO nothing by mouth
NVD nausea, vomiting,and diarrhea
NWB non-wight-bearing
occ occasionally
OCD obsessive compulsive disorder
*O.D. right eye write right eye
*O.S. Left eye write left eye
*O.U. both eyes write both eyes
O2 oxygen
q every
QA quality assurauce
qam every morning
*qd every day write daily
qh, qhr every hour
qhs every night at bedtime
q2h every 2 hours
q3h every 3 hours
q4h every 4 hours
q.o.d. every other day
qt. quart
R respirations, rectal
R rt. right
RA rheumatoid arthritis
RBC red blood cell
RDT registered dietician
reg. regular
RN registered nurse
R/O rule out
ROM range of motion
Rx prescription, treatment
s without
sl sublingually
SLP speech-language pathologist
sm small
spec. specimen
SOB shortness of breath
ss one-half
SSE soapsuds enema
staph staphulococcus
STAT/stat immediately
STDs sexually-transmitted diseases
strep streptococcus
supp. suppository
T., temp Temperature
tbsp. tablespoon
TIA transient ischemic attcak
t.i.d.,tid three times a day
TLC tender loving care
TPN total parenteral nutrition
T.P.R. Temperature, Pulse, and Respiration
tsp. teaspoon
TWE tap water enema
Tx. tx traction, treatment
U/A, u/a urinalysis
UGI upper gastrointestinal
URI upper respiratory infection
vag. vaginal
VS,vs vital signs
W/A, WA while awake
WNL within normal limits
wt. weight
yr. year
leukocyte white blood cell
acrophobia fear of high places
Lg large
MD Muscular Dystrophy
USDA United States Department of Agriculture
UTI urinary tract infection
VD venereal disease
WBC white blood cell / count
w/c, W/C wheelchair
CAIT Colorado Approved Intervention Technique
CCB Community Centered Board
CDHS Colorado Department Of Human Services
CWMH Colorado West Mental Health
HCB-DD Home Community Based (waiver) for the Developmentally Disable
HIMS Health Information Management System- can also be HIM, for our Records Department
ITS Information Technology Services- all your computer needs
PMAP Performance Management and Pay, employee performance rating tool
SSC Service and Support Coordinator, overall supervisor of living sites and coodinates supports and services
HRC Human Rights Committee
BDR Behavior Drug Review
IHP Individual Habilitation Plan
SIB Self Abusive behavior
LTNCP Long Term Nursing Care Plan
STNCP Short Term Nursing Care Plan
Created by: LPT Program