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Daance/ Mod II

Evaluate and prepare patients with systemic diseases

what is the patients chief complaint? (cc) what brought the patient to the office, written in the patients own words
what does HIPAA stand for? Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
what are the 3 basic requirements of medical history? 1-core medical info that identify the poor -risk patient 2-guide treatment to be rendered 3-written evidence process of evaluation of the patient did occur and lofical treatment plan was followed.
review of systems include... 1. nervous system 2.HEENT 3. Cardiovascular 4. Respiratory 5. Endocrine 6. Renal and heptic 7. Musculoskeletal
what is HEENT Head, eyes, ears, nose, throat
how many ASA classes are there? 5
describe ASA Class I The patient has no organic, physiologic, biochemical or psychiatric disturbances.
describe ASA Class II The patient has mild to moderate systemic disturbance. current smokers are included
describe ASA Class III The patient has severe systemic disturbances or disease from whatever cause, even though it may not be possible to define the degree of disability.
describe ASA Class IV the patient has a severe life-threatening systemic disorder not always improvable.
describe ASA Class V the patient is Moribund, with little chance of surviving, the operation is performed in desperation.
Created by: katieweir