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Embedding StudyStack activities on your web page

There are many web sites that allow you to "embed" something from their site onto a page of your site. One of the most common things you might embed onto your site would be a video from youTube. If you already know how to embed a video from youTube onto your site then you should have no problem embedding activities from StudyStack. However, if you haven't done this before, one of the videos below may help you out.

The two main steps for embedding any web content into your site are going to be similar no matter what you are embedding and what program (or web application) you use to maintain your site. The first step is to copy the embed code from the original site. The second step is to paste the copied embed code onto your site.

Many websites will have an "<Embed>" button that when you click displays the code that you need to copy. Click that button and then copy the code. Frequently the embed code is much longer than what is displayed. So you need to make sure that you are copying the whole embed code.

Once you've copied the code, you need to paste it into your website. The exact steps on how this is done depends on what you are using to create your website.