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Using Flashcards on StudyStack

Using Flashcards on StudyStack will be much like using a pile of paper flashcards made with index cards. The current flashcard will be displayed in the center of the screen. When you click on it, the flashcard will flip to display what is on the other side of the card. (You can also flip the card by pressing Enter or Space or Shift on your keyboard.) After you've looked at both sides of the flashcard, you can put the card in either the green correct box or the red incorrect box by clicking on the box. (Or press the Up arrow key to move the flashcard to the correct box or press Down to move it to the incorrect box.)

flashcards on StudyStack

  • Create your own flashcards or search the millions of existing cards from StudyStack's Home page.
  • To reverse which side of the flashcard gets displayed first, you can click the checkbox located below the main flashcard.
  • Click the retry link located below the incorrect box to move all the flashcards in the incorrect box back to the remaining box.
  • Click the restart link to move all the cards back to the remaining box.
  • Click the shuffle link to shuffle the cards that are in the remaining box.
  • Click the auto play link to have the flashcards automatically displayed like a slide show.
  • Click the fix link to correct something that you entered incorrectly on the currently displayed flashcard. (The fix link is only displayed when you are logged in using a set that you created.)
  • Flashcards can be printed out in a variety of different formats.
  • There are several Flashcard Apps that can display flashcards from StudyStack.

If you are logged in to StudyStack, the website will keep track of which cards are in which box. When you return to the flashcard page in the future the cards will be in the same box that you left them in.

StudyStack users have created millions of flashcards that you can search using the search box at the top of the page. Sign up for a free StudyStack account to begin creating your own set of flashcards.

Flash Cards by Rita Dove
In math I was the whiz kid, keeper of oranges and apples. What you don't understand, master, my father said; the faster I answered, the faster they came. I could see one bud on the teacher's geranium, one clear bee sputtering at the wet pane. The tulip tree always dragged after heavy rain so I tucked my head as my boots slapped home. My father put up his feet after work and relaxed with a highball and The Life of Lincoln. After supper we drilled and I climbed the dark before sleep, before a thin voice hissed numbers as I spun on a wheel. I had to guess. Ten, I kept saying, I'm only ten.

In my opinion, flashcards can be overused to the point that they are creating more stress in your life than they are eliminating. With StudyStack if you are getting too stressed out using flashcards, try mixing in some of the other activities. Playing a game of Hangman or Hungry Bug can give your brain the diversion you need.