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NutritionTest 1

Major focus of nutritional recommendations in this century has shifted to prevention & control of chronic diseases
Physical science that contributes to understanding how malnutrition relates to health & well-being is biochemistry
Nutrients interact in the body to build & repair tissue, provide energy, & to regulate metabolic processes
The body of scientific knowledge related to nutritional requirements of human growth, maintenance, activity, & reproduction is know as nutritional science
Macronutrients include carbohydrates, fats & proteins
The professional primarily responsible for application of nutrition science in clinical practice settings is the registered dietitian
Glycogen is a main body storage formed from carbohydrates
Micronutrients include vitamins & minerals
The best source of nutrients is provided by a variety of foods
To determine in kcals from a food that contains 50g of CHO - multiply 50 x ____ 4
The generally accepted perecent of the total daily kcal supplied by carbs is 45-65%
The sum of all chemical processes inside living cells of the body that sustain life & health is known as metabolism
the generally accepted % of total daily kcal supplied by fat should be no more than: 20-35%
the major role of carbohydrates is to provide the primary source of ______ for the body. energy
to determine in kcal from a food that contains 10 grams of fat-- multiply by 10 x _____. 9
well noursished persons differ from those whose nutritional status is borderline in their: nutrient reserves
a function of protein and vitamins in the body is to: build & repair tissue
the ________ is the highest amount of a nutrient that can be safely consumed. Tolerable Upper Intake Level (UL)
the generally accepted % of total daily kcal supplied by protein is 10-35%
an observation that provides evidence that a person has good nutritional status is: normal weight to height ratio
in addition to poor eating habits, a factor that often contributes to borderline nutrition is: low income
the type of acids that form the basic building blocks of protein are _____ acids. amino
the function of the _____ is to designate nutrient recommendations for most healthy people DRIs (dietary reference intakes)
moderation, proportionality, and variety are important concepts included in : my pyramid
the major nutrients supplied by foods in the vegetable group of MyPyramid are potassium and vitamin A
in addition to calcium, the major minerals needed to build and maintain bone tissue include: phosphorus
an age group that is very vulnerable to malnutrition is: infants
the nutrients involved in metabolic regulation and control include minerals, vitamins, and : water
in the MyPyramid reference food intake pattern providing 200 calories, the recommended daily intake from the milk group is ___ cup(s). three
according to MyPyramid, the amount of daily activity needed to prevent weight gain may be at least ____ minutes 30
a food choice equivalent to one serving from the grains group of MyPyramid is: one slice of bread
a food choice equivalent to 1 oz meat from the meat and beans group of My Pyramid is: 1/4 cup cooked dry beans
"Exchange Lists for Meal Planning" was originally intended as a meal planning tool for people who have: diabetes
A major purpose of the ___ ____ is to prevent chronic disease and promote health. dietary guidelines
the group that is responsible for development of the DRI's is the .... food and nutrition board
dietary guidelines provide helpful advice for: making smart food choices
Created by: casiejulie