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The measurement of all liquids and foods and anything eliminated from the body Intake and Output
98.6 degrees Fahrenheit or 37 degrees Celsius Normal body temperature when taken orally
time to measure a patient's weight Same time each day
A tray is on the floor. What should you do? Clean it up immediately
There is a fire in the patient's room. What should you do RACE - Rescue, Activate, Contain, Extinguish
What should be done with broken equipment Put a sign on it and remove it from use
105 degrees Fahrenheit Normal temperature for bath water
99.6 degrees Fahrenheit Normal body temperature when taken rectally
97.6 degrees Fahrenheit Normal body temperature when taken axillary or axillially
120 / 80 Normal blood pressure for an adult
12-18 Normal respiratory rate for an adult
>60 and <100 Normal heart rate for an adult
< 60 Bradycardia for an adult
>100 Tachycardia for an adult
The membrane between the outer and inner ear, where temperature is measured in the ear Tympanic
Which vital sign is out of range? 98.8 orally, 80-30 Respiratory rate
A sign of a urinary tract infection malodorous urine
S/S of diabetes mellitus excessive thirst
Arthritits effects the joints
The muscular system provides movement and warmth or the production of heat
White blood cells fight infection or protect from infection
Red blood cells allow oxygen to be transported throughout the body
Following the steps from CPR, you enter a room and notice that a patient is not breathing, your next step is Call for help. Check, call care
The position that a patient is in when CPR is being performed is on a flat hard surface
You enter a room and find a client next to the bed not moving. What is your next step? Make certain the scene is safe
What should a health care worker do if a patient is choking, and is coughing forcefully? Only observe the patient for as long as the patient is able to cough
Where are valuables placed in most facilities? in the facility safe
The form listing clothing and personal belongings that the client brings with them when admitted is called the admission checklist
When discharging a client, the C.N.A. should transport the patient to the waiting vehcile outside
While assisting with a sterile dressing change, liquid is spilled ono the sterile field. The field is now contaminated
What should be done with the markins that are applied for radiation therapy? avoid using soap and water in that area
Hemodialysis is the removal of waste - replacing the job of the kidneys. The health care worker knows that he/she will need to weight the patient every day
What does a pulse oximeter measure? oxygen levels in the blood
What color is a rectal thermometer? it has a red tip
Collection of a sterile urine sample needs to be collected after the perineal area is cleaned and the patient urinates into a sterile container
A random urine sample can be collected in a new specimen cup
The reason that health care workers use proper body mechanics is to ensure that the health care worker and the patient are kept safe
The longest and strongest muscles in the body are the legs
To avoid injury, never lift an object higher thatn the hips
To avoid foot drop use a foot board
After positioning a client, the health care worker should check the position of the non-functioning limb
The reason to position a client in good alignment is to increase comfort
If a patient is given a tray with salt and the patient says they are not to have salt, what should you do? Check the diet order to be certain the patient received the correct diet
A patient is NPO. This means that the patient is not to have anything to eat or drink. Remove the pitcher
When you are forcing fluids you should encourage fluids at least every 2 hours
Before getting a client up to walk, the nursing assistant should first sit the client on the side of the bed
The reason to sit a client on the side of the bed prior to standing is to ensure that the patient is not dizzy or lightheaded
To transfer a patient correctly from bed to a stretcher, the nursing assistant must use good body mechanics
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