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Swahili PPA-1

Swahili PPA-1 familia yetu

Mimi ni I am
Baba dad
kaka brother
yetu our
na and
mama mom
yangu my
ndiyo yes
hapana no
mkubwa big
mwalimu teacher
shuleni school
na hii and this
baba anajua kila kitu Dad knows everything
wanyama animals
kuhusu about
kuhusu wanyama about animals
jumapili moja one sunday
jumapili Sunday
moja one
katika gari in the car
matembezi visit
dada yangu mkubwa my older sister
ameolewa married
ndiyo familia yetu is our family
yeye hupenda maziwayeye she loves milk
baba alituchukua dad took us
baba alituchukua mimi pamoja na tom dad took me with tom
Ana mtoto she has a baby
mchangamfu happy
wa kiume the male
ni mwerevu it's smart
Wakati mwingine anatengeneza sometimes he repairs.
vitu objects
vilivyovunjika broken
nyumba yetu ni ndogo, unaipenda? our house is small, do you like it?
Huyu ni Minnie This is Minnie
mama ni mwalimu wa shule mom is a school teacher
Jasho, kasuku wetu Jasho, our parrot
alikuwa na bawa lilokuwa limevunjika he had a broken wing
baba alilitibu Dad treated it
mtukutu mickey wakati fulani aliiba biskuti zangu treacherous Mickey once stole my cookies
tunapenda kumsaidia we love helping her
mama kuosha vyombo mom washing dishes
wakati fulani at some point
aliiba he stole it
biscuti zangu my cookies
Jinsi how
gani majani what leaves
mengi many
huanguka kutka fall down
kwenye mti wetu On our tree
nimeshajifunza I have learned
kuosha nguo zango Washing cloth
tom hunisaidia Tom helps me
wakati mwingini another time
Chumba changu my room
ni kisafi it is clean
Wakati wote all the time
ninapenda i like
kusali prey
pamoja na mama with mother
baba anafurahi dad is happy
kuona kuwa see that
kuona see
kuwa be
tayari ready
najua i know
kusoma reading
kuhesabu count
baada after
ya chakula of food
chakula food
cha jioni dinner
tunapenda we love
kuimba to sing
pamoja together
Ni vizuri it's good
kushirikiana pamoja to cooperate together
na wenzetu and our colleagues
katika mambo in matters
mema good
maziwayeye milk
Created by: MDLC
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