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Swahili Unit 4

Baada ya After
Chakula Food
Vyakula Food (plural)
Kabla ya Before
Kamili Sharp (at a specific time)
Kila Every
Kisha Then
Kuamka To wake up
Kuenda To go
Kula To eat
Kununua To buy
Kunyoa ndevu To shave
Kuoga To bathe
Kupiga mswaki To brush teeth
Kupika To cook
Kurudi To return
Kwa By
Kwa kwaida Usually
Kwanza First
Maisha Life
Mapema Early
Saa Time
Shule School
Skuli Schools
Siku Day (s)
Sinema Movie(s)
Tofauti Different
Wapi? Where?
Zaidi More, too much, extra
Zoezi Exercise
Mazoezi Exercises
Vipi maisha ya chuoni? How's life at college?
Unapenda masomo yako na walimu wako? Do you like your classes and professors?
Kawaida huamka mapema zaidi bwenini. I usually get up much earlier in the dormitory.
Unaenda vipi kazini? How do you go to work?
Ninapanda basi kuenda kazini. I take the bus to go to work.
Ninafanya kazi siku za wiki. I work during the week.
Nina kazi nyini. I have a lot of work.
Unafanya nini jioni? What do you do in the evening?
Unacheza mchezo wowote? Do you play sports?
Baada ya hapo unalala? Do you sleep after that?
Kwa kawaida unafanya nini wikiendi? What do you usually do on the weekends?
Wewe huenda kutembea na rafiki zako? Do you go out with your friends?
Wikiendi hupumzika na familia yangu. I relax with my family on the weekend.
Huenda sinema kila Jumapili usiku. I go to the cinema every Sunday night.
Jumamosi Saturday
Jumapili Sunday
Jumatatu Monday
Jumanne Tuesday
Jumatano Wednesday
Alhamisi Thursday
Ijumaa Friday
Moja 1
mbili 2
tatu 3
nne 4
tano 5
sita 6
saba 7
nane 8
tisa 9
kumi 10
kumi na moja 11
kumi na mbili 12
kumi na tatu 13
kumi na nne 14
kumi na tano 15
kumi na sita 16
kumi na saba 17
kumi na nane 18
kumi na tisa 19
ishirini 20
Alfajiri Early morning
Asuhubi Morning
Mchana Afternoon
Jioni Evening
Alasiri Late afternoon
Usiku Night
Unusu/na nusu Half past
Na robo Quarter past
Kasorobo Quarter before
Na dakika And minutes
Created by: meredithl2013
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