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Swahili Unit 10

bega shoulder
mabega shoulders
chandarua mosquito net
vyandarua mosquito nets
chango intestine
machango intestines
choo toilet
vyoo toilets
daktari doctor
madaktari doctors
dalili symptom(s)
damu blood
dawa medicine(s)
goti knee
magoti knees
gumba thumb(s)
hasa particularly
hospitali hospital(s)
jicho eye
macho eyes
jino tooth
meno teeth
kichwa head
vichwa heads
kidole finger, toe
vidole fingers, toes
kifua chest
vifua chests
kinga prevention
kipima joto thermometer
vipima joto thermometers
kisugudi elbow
visugrudi elbows
kiuno hip
viuno hips
kizuguzugu dizziness
kliniki clinic(s)
koo throat
makoo throats
kuandika to write
kuelekeza to direct
kuharisha to cause diarrhea
kuhisi to feel
kukohoa to cough
kukojoa to urinate
kulia right
kupata to get, to obtain (an illness)
kupiga chfya to sneeze
kupumzika to rest
kupungua to decrease
kusahau to forget
kusumbuliwa to be troubled, to be disturbed
kutapika to vomit
kutoa to deliver, to give, to offer, to remove
kutumia to use
kuuma to hurt
kuumwa na kichwa to have a headache
kuwa na homa to have a fever
labda perhaps
mara kwa mara frequently
maradhi disease(s)
matokeo results
maumivu pain
mdomo mouth
midomo mouths
mgongo back
migongo backs
mguu leg, foot
miguu legs, feet
mkojo urine
mikogo urine (plural)
mkono arm, hand
mikono arms, hands
moyo heart
mioyo hearts
mwuguzi nurse
wauguzi nurses
mwili body
miili bodies
nchi country(ies)
ngozi skin
pafu lung
mapafu lungs
pua nose(s)
shingo neck(s)
sikio ear
masikio ears
sindano needle(s)
tako backside
matako backsides
tumbo stomach
matumbo stomaches
ubongo brain
uchunguzi investigation
chunguzi investigations
ulimi tongue
ndimi tongues
uso face
nyuso faces
Ninataka kuonana na daktari. I want to see a doctor.
Unasumbuliwa na nini? What's troubling you?
Nimeungua. I've burned myself.
Nimejikata. I've cut myself.
Nafikiri nimevunjika mkono. I think I have broke my arm.
Unahisi vipi? How do you feel?
Ninahisi mwili wote unaniuma. I feel like my whole body hurts.
Ninahisi sina nguvu. I feel weak.
Kichwa kinauma. I have a headache.
Ninahisi kizunguzungu. I feel dizzy.
Nina homa. I have a fever.
Ninaharisha. I have diarrhea.
Tumbo linauma. I have a stomachache.
Ninatapika. I'm throwing up.
Kifua kinauma. I have chest pains.
Ninakohoa. I'm coughing.
Untumia dawa yoyote? Are you taking any medications?
Kuna kita kinakudhuru? Do you have any allergies?
Ninadhuriwa na penisilini. I'm allergic to penicillin.
Nina mimba./Mimi ni mja mzito. I'm pregnant.
Created by: meredithl2013
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