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Swahili Unit 8

bei price(s)
blauzi blouse(s)
-dogo small
duka la nguo clothing store
madula ya nguo clothing stoes
duka la viatu shoe stores
duka ya viatu shoe stores
fulana undershirt(s)
ghali expensive
jaketi jacket
majeketi jackets
kadi ya malipo credit card
kadi za malipo credit cards
krediti kadi credit cards
kama like, if
kanzu dress(es)
kaptura shorts
kiatu cha buti boot
viatu vya buti boots
kiatu shoe
viatu shoes
kofia hat(s)
koti coat
makoti coats
kuambia to tell
kuelekeza to explain
kuenda to go
kufanya to do
kufika to arrive
kufurahi to be happy
kujua to know
kulipa to pay
kununua to buy
kuongeza to increase
kupata to get
kupenda to like, to love
kupunguza to reduce
kusaidia to help
kutafuta to look for, to search for
kutaka to want
kuuza to sell
kuweza to be able to
mazungumzo discussion, conversation
mkanda belt
mikanda belts
nguo clothes
nguo ya mtumba used clothes (singular)
nguo za mitumba used clothes (plural)
rahisi cheap
shati shirt
mashati shirts
soksi sock(s)
supamaketi department store(s)
suruali pants
surali ya ndani underpants (singular_
surali za ndani underpants (plural)
suti suit
tai tie(s)
tena again
Nikusaidie nini? What can I do for you?
Ninataka betri. I would like some batteries.
Nahitaji filamu ya kamera. I need a roll of film.
Nataka ramani ya mji. I'd like a map of the city.
Nataka kuona postikadi. I'd like to see some postcards.
Nataka kununua ngo. I want to buy some clothes.
Saizi gani unavaa? What size do you wear?
Ninavaa saizi ndogo. I wear a small.
Ninavaa saizi ya kati. I wear a medium.
Ninavaa saizi kubwa. I wear a large.
Sijui saizi yangu. I don't know my size.
Hii mnayo ya saizi ndogo? Do you have this in a smaller size?
Hii mnayo ya saizi kubwa? Do you have this in a larger size?
Hii mnayo ya rangi nyengine? Do you have this in another color?
Unaweza kunionesha hiyo? Could you show me that?
Hizi hapa ni bei gani? How much do these cost?
Naomba niandikie bei. Please write down the price for me.
Punguza bei kidogo. Come down a little bit on the price.
Mbona ghali sana? Why is it so expensive?
Ninaweza kupila kwa kadi ya malipo? May I pay by credit card?
Ninaweza kulipa kwa cheki za wasafiri? May I pay by traveler's check?
Hapana, ni taslimu tu. No, cash only.
Created by: meredithl2013
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