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Swahili Unit 3

anuani address
anwani addresses
au or
bluu blue
bustani yard(s), garden(s)
chumba cha kulala bedroom
vyumba vya kulala bedrooms
chumba room
vyumba rooms
dirisha window
madirisha windows
-dogo small, little
-ekundu red
-eupe white
-eusi black
fleti apartment(s)
gari car
magari cars
-ingine other
jiko kitchen, fireplace, oven, stove
majiko kitchens, fireplaces, ovens, stoves
Jumatatu Monday
kijani green
kitabu book
vitabu books
kitanda bed
vitanda beds
kiti chair
viti charis
kompyuta computer(s)
-kongwe old
kuangalia to view, to watch
-kubwa big
kuja to come
kula to eat
kulala to sleep
Kuna... there is/are...
kuona to see
lakini but
manjano yellow
meza table (s)
mlango door
milango doors
-moja one
ndani inside
nje outside
nyumba house(s)
-pya new
runinga, televisheni TV(s)
Sawa. Okay
sehumu ya kulia dining room
sehemu za kulia dining rooms
stoo pantry(ies)
-tatu three
ukumbi living room
kumbi living rooms
umeme electricity
wapi? where?
-wili two
-zuri beautiful, nice
Nyumba hii ina vyumba vitatu. This house has three bedrooms.
Hiki ni chumba cha kulala. This is a bedroom.
Chumba hiki kina choo. This room has a bathroom.
Vyumba vidogo vina vyoo pia? Do the small rooms have bathrooms too?
Hili hapa ni jiko. This is the kitchen here.
Ukumbi uko wapi? Where is the living room?
Ukumbi ni mzuri na mkubwa. The living room is big and beautiful.
Twende nje. Let's go outside.
Nyumba ni nzuri. The house is beautiful.
Tuaangalia televisheni. We're watching television.
Ninasoma kitabu. I'm reading a book.
Created by: meredithl2013
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