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Swahili Unit 6

Barabara Road(s), street(s)
Barabara kuu Highway(s)
Basi Bus
basi (conj.) so
mabasi buses
duka store
maduka stores
gari car
magari cars
hoteli hotel(s)
jengo la ofisi office building
majengo ya ofisi office buildings
kanisa church
makanisa churches
karibu nearby
kati kati ya mji downtown
kituo cha basi bus station
vituo vya basi bus stations
kuchoka to be tired
kufika, kuwasili to arrive
kuhitaji to need
kuona to see
kuondoka to leave
kupanda to climb
kupumzika to rest
kuweza to be able
mbali far
mbuga wildlife park(s)
mkahawa restaurant
mikahawa restaurants
mlima, milima mountain
mnyama animal
wanyama animals
msikiti mosque
misikiti mosques
pesa, fedha money
safari trip(s)
sasa now
shilingi shilling(s)
soko market
masoko markets
treni train
matreni train(S)
ufuko, ufukwe, pwaa beach
fuko, fukwe, mapwaa beaches
uwanja wa ndege airport
viwanja vya ndege airports
-zuri, -a kupendeza, -a kuvutia interesting
Mabasi ya kuenda mjini yako wapi? Where are the buses to the city?
Hoteli yangu iko wapi? Where is my hotel?
Vipi ninaweza kuenda kuto cha treni? How do I get to the train station?
Kituo cha basi kiko wapi? Where is the bus station?
Nauli kiasi gani? What's the fare?
Kuna safari za kwenda mbugani? Are there tours to the wildlife park?
Ni mbali kutoka hapa? Is it far from here?
Alaa kumbe? Is that so?
Created by: meredithl2013
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