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Swahili Unit 7

au or
dakika minute(s)
jangwa desert
majangwa deserts
kalenda calendar(s)
kaskazini north
kiangazi dry season
viangazi dry seasons
kipupwe cold season
vipupwe cold seasons
kuchelewa to be late
kufika to arrive
kuja to come
kujibu to answer
kulia right
kuondoka to leave
kupiga simu to make a phone call
kurudi to return
kushoto left
kusini south
kuuliza to ask
kuwa na ahadi to have an appointment
kuweka miadi to make an appointment
kuzungumza to talk
majira ya baridi winter (plural only)
mapema early
mashariki east
mchana afternoon
miadi appointment(S) (plural only)
mkurugenzi director
wakurugenzi directors
mkutano meeting
mikutano meetings
mnyamapori wild animal
wanyamapori wild animals
msaidizi assistant
wasaidizi assistants
msimu wa kiangazi dry season
misimu ya kiangazi dry seasons
msimu wa mvua rainy season
misimu ya mvua rainy seasons
msimu season
misimu seasons
mwaka year
miaka years
Njoo! Come!
mwezi month
miezi month
samahani I'm sorry.
sekunde second(s)
Subiri!, Ngoja! Wait! Be patient!
tarehe date(s)
wiki week(s)
wikiendi weekend(s)
ziwa lake
maziwa lakes
Ningependa kuzungumaza na... I would like to talk to...
Nikusaidie nini? How can I help you?
Ninahitaji kuonana na... I need to meet with...
Nije lini? When shall I come?
Ninaweza kuja kesho? Can I come tomorrow?
Njoo baadaye. Come later.
Lini ninaweza kupiga simu tena? When can I call back?
Saa ngapi? What time?
Nanweza kuacha ujumbe? Can I leave a message?
Rudia tafadhali. Repeat that please.
Zungumza pole pole tafadhali. Speak more slowly, please.
Andika tafadhali Write that down please.
Usikate simu tafadhali. Please hold that line.
Januari January
Februari February
Machi March
Aprili April
Mei May
Juni June
Julai July
Agosti August
Septemba September
Oktoba October
Novemba November
Disemba December
Tarehe ngapi? What's the date?
Leo ni tarehe ngapi? What's today's date?
Leo ni tarehe... Today is...
Created by: meredithl2013
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