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Swahili Unit 5

Boyolojia Biology
Daftari Notebook
Madaftari Notebooks
Daktari Doctor
Madaktari Doctors
Darasa Classroom
Madarasa Classrooms
Disketi Diskette(s)
Fizikia Physics
-geni Foreign
-gumu Hard, difficult
Hesabu, hesabati Math
Historia History
Jiografia Geography
Kalamu Pen(s)
Kama If, when
Kemia Chemistry
Kifaa Item
Vifaa Items
Kuandika To write
Kufanya jarbio/mtihani To take a test
Huhitaji To need
Kukumbuka To remember
Kumaliza To finish
Kununua To buy
Kupumzika To rest, to relax
Kusoma To study, to read
Likizo Break(s), vacation(s)
Lugha Language(s)
mtihani Exam
mitihani exams
penseli pencil(s)
rangi color(s)
somo subject
masomo subjects
uchumi economics
wakiti time
nyakati times
zaidi more
zoezi exercise
mazoezi exercises
Mimi ni mwanafunzi katika chuo kikuu. I'm a student at the university.
Nitamaliza masomo./Nitahitimu mwaka huu. I'll graduate this year.
Dada yangu yuko shule ya msingi. My sister is in elementary school.
Mtihani wa kumaliza masoso ya shule ya sekondari ni mgumu. The secondary school final exam is difficult.
Unapenda somo gani zaidi? What's your favorite subject?
Masomo ya lugha ni muhimu. Language studies are important.
Ninahitaji kompyuta mpya. I need a new computer.
Unafanya mtihani gani? Which exam are you taking?
Lazima nisome kwa ajili ya mtihani. I have to study for my exam.
Nilipumzika wakati wa likizo. I rested during the break.
Nimefaulu mtihani! I passed my exam!
thelathini 30
arobaini 40
hamsini 50
sitini 60
sabini 70
themanini 80
tisini 90
mia 100
elfu 1000
Created by: meredithl2013
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