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Swahili Unit 12

-a bei nafuu affordable
akaunti account(s)
akiba savings
asilimia percentage
baadhi some
bajeti budget
bei price(s)
dola dollar(s)
-enye thamani valuable (having value)
fomu form(s)
ghali expensive
hisa stock(s)
hundi check(s)
kitega uchumi investment
vitega uchumi investments
kiwango cha riba interest rate
viewango vya riba interest rates
kubadilisha to change, to exchange
kufunga to close, to tie
kufungua to open
kujaza to fill out
kulipa to pay bills
kumudu to afford
kupandishwa to get a raise
kupata to earn, to get, to catch
kupata mkopop to get a loan
kutia sahihi to sign
kutoa pesa to withdraw money from an account
kuvunjisha cheki to cash a check
kuweka akiba to save
kuweka pesa to deposit money into an account
kuweka kitega uchumi to invest
leseni license(s)
kuweka rehani to get a mortgage
malipo payment
mashine machine(s)
masikini poor
mkopo loan
mikopo loans
msaada help, aid
misaada help, aid (plural)
mshahara salary
mishahara salaries
noti paper money
paundi pound(s)
peni coin
mapeni coins
pesa money (plural)
rahisi cheap
rehani/dhamana mortgage
risiti receipt(s)
sahihi signature(s)
soko la hisa stock market
tajiri rich
tawi branch (of a bank)
matawi branches (of a bank)
yeni yen
yuro euro(s)
Ninahitaji kubadilisha pesa za kigeni. I need to exchange the foreign currency.
Ningependa kufungua akaunti. I'd like to open an account.
Viwango vya kubadilisha pesa leo ni vipi? What are today's exchange rates?
Je, ninaweza kununua pesa za kigeni hapa? Can I buy foreign currency here?
Kiwango cha riba ni kipi? What's the interest rate?
Je kuna malipo ya huduma? Is there a service fee?
Kuna mashine ya ATM karibu? Is there an ATM nearby?
Tafadhali tia ahihi na tarehe kwenye formu hii. Please sign and date this form.
Ningependa kuvunjisha hundi hii. I'd like to cash this check.
Unataka noti ndogo ndodgo au kubwa kubwa? How would you like the money, small or large bills?
Naweza kupata hii katika noti ndogo ndogo? Can I have this in small bills?
Pesa zitakuwa katika akaunti yako wiki ijayo. The money will be in your account next week.
Naweza kulipa kwa hundi ya wasafiri? Can I pay by traveler's check?
Naweza kulipa kwa kadi ya mkopo? Can I pay by credit card?
Tunapokea kadi ya krediti au ya benki. We accept credit or debit cards.
Tunopokea pesa taslimu tu. We accept cash only.
Siwezi kumudu. I can't afford (that).
Nimepandishwa mshahara. I got a raise.
Bahashishi imo ndani yake? Is the tip included?
Kodi ya mauzo imo ndani yake? Is sales tax included?
Created by: meredithl2013
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