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Swahili Unit 11

*sidiromu CD-ROM
*barua pepe email(s)
Endelea! Continue!
faili file
mafili files
hali situation, status
huru free
*keyboard keyboard(s)
kifaa tool, accessory
vifaa tools, accessories
kompyuta ya mkononi laptop computer
kompyuta za mkonoi laptop computers
kuangalia to watch, to look at
kuangalia email to check email
kuchapisha to print
kufugua faili to open a file
kuhifadhi faili to save a file
kuhusu about
kuingia katika tovuti to log onto a webstie
kupatikana to be available
kutembelea to visit
kutengeneza to manufacture
kutema to sen
kutma ujumbe to send a message
kuweka to put
kuzoea to be used
*mashine ya kuchapisha printer
*mashine za kuchapisha printers
mawasiliano communication
neno la siri password
ng'ambo overseas
picha picture(s)
samahani excuse me, I'm sorry
*kioo cha kompyuta screen
*vioo vya kompyuta screens
tabu problem, harship
tovuti website
tu just, only
uhuru freedom
*waraka document
*nyaraka documetns
*word processor word processor
-zima healthy, whole, complete
Ningependa kutma email. I would like to send an email.
Anuani yako ya email ni ipi? What is your email address?
Wapi nitaweza kupata mtandao? Where can I get onto the internet?
Mnatumia brazua gani? Which browser do you use?
Anuani ya tovuti ni ipi? What's the URL?
Una ukuasa wako? Do you have a personal homepage?
Kampuni yako ina tovuti? Does your company have a website?
Hoteli ina huduma za mtandao? Does the hotel have internet access?
Nimehifadhi faili katika folda jipya. I saved the file in a new folder.
Tafadhali tuma kwa kiambatisho. Please send it as an attachment.
Ningependa kuchapisha waraka. I'd like to print a document.
Una printa ya rangi? Do you have a color printer?
Ninatumia PC kazini na Apple nyumbani. I use a PC at work and an Mac at home.
Created by: meredithl2013
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