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Swahili Unit 9

aisikrimu ice cream
bia, pombe beer
chai tea
chumvi salt
chupa bottle(s)
glasi glass(es)
haragwe bean
maharagwe beans
hindi corn (singluar)
mahindi corn (plural)
juisi juice
kahawa coffee
-kali sour
karoti carrot(s)
kijiko spoon
vijiko spoons
kikombe cup
vikombe cups
kikopo can
vikopo cans
kinywaji drink
vinywaji drinks
kipande piece
vipande pieces
kisu knife
visu knives
kitango cucumber
vitango cucumbers
kitunguu thomu piece of garlic
vitunguu thomu pieces of garlic
kitunguu onion
vitunguu onions
kiu thirst
kiungo spice
viungo spices
kuangalia to watch
kuchemsha to boil
kuchoma to roast
kuchukua to carry, to take, to hold, to keep
kuita to call
kujua to know
kukaanga to fry
kuku chicken
kuna there is, there are
kuoka to bake
kuomba to ask
kupika to cook
kupa to give
kurudi to return
kusaidia to help
kusubiri to wait, to be patient
kutaka to want
leo today
kiazi potato
viazi potatoes
mbogamboga vegatables
mchicha spinach
mkahawa restaurant
mikahawa restaurants
mkate bread
mikate breads
mkono arm, hand
mikano arms, hands
mteja customer
wateja customers
muhogo cassava
mihogo cassavas
mvinyo wine
nazi coconut(s)
ndizi banana(s)
nepkini, savieti napkin
njaa hunger
nusu half
nyama meat
nyama ya ng'ombe bef
nyama ya nguruwe pork
pale there (over there)
pilipili spice, pepper, chili
pilipili manga black pepper
sahani plate(s)
saladi salad
saladi ya matunda fruit salad
siagi butter
soda soda
sukari sugar
supu soup
-tamu sweet
tangawizi ginger
tufaa apple
matufaa apples
tunda fruit
matunda fruits
tungule tomato(es)
uma fork
nyumba forks
unga flour
wali rice
-zuri delicious
Tunaomba meza ya watu wawaili, tafadhali. A table for two, please.
Niletee orodha ya chakula, tafadhali. The menu, please.
Niletee orodha ya mvinyo, tafadhali. The wine list, please.
Kuna chakula gani? What sort of food do you have?
Una chakula cha mbogamboga? Do you have vegetarian dishes?
Nomba wali mweupe? Can I have plain rice?
Nina njaa sana. I am very hungry.
Nina kiu sana. I am very thirsty.
Ninataka kinywaji. I would like something to drink.
Tafadhali niletee uma na kisu. Please bring me a fork and a knife.
Naomba soda baridi sana? Can I have a cold soda?
Niletee hesabu tafadhali. Please bring me the check.
Bakshishi imo ndani? Is the tip included?
Created by: meredithl2013
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