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Policing Admin Final

Ch 15: Change

Why change occurs? -Police environ. is different -Happens slowly -Police don't like change -Don't like learning& studying new change
Goals when change occurs 1.Promote management particip./implemen. -agree w. change 2.To resolve &prevent prob. -bc it (needs) to be changed 3.Advance Plan -plan head/take years 4.Increase officer productivity -police/community safer
Assessing the need for change 1. External Consultants -Outside person who is paid to review 2. Internal Sources -members within your org. tell you what needs to be changed/not
1. External Consultants -someone who has expertise in that area -they know what they are doing -they come in & look -outside comes in& tells you what you need to change
2. Internal Sources -members of the org. tells you what is wrong bc they have more experience
Designing/Implementing Change 8 Step Plan 1. identifying a performance gap 2. recognizing need for change 3.creating a climate for change 4.diagnose a problem 5.identifying alternatives of change stratergies 6.selecting the change strategy 7.determine th operational lives 8.evaluate&modify
1. identifying a performance gap -determine the difference between what is expected& what is being done
2. recognizing need for change -if performacegap is large, then there will be change needed -Vice Verse
3.creating a climate for change -slowly get management on board -slowly start telling
4.diagnose a problem -what is the problelm? -need all new software, etc -know what you are looking at
5.identifying alternatives of change stratergies -there are options -have to come up with different strategies to complete task
6.selecting the change strategy -what is the best way fo our employees
7.determine th operational lives -what strategies are you going to use for change
8.evaluate&modify -no matter whether you plan ahead/not, there are going to be some difficulties -you need to be flexible -a good leader/manager always anticpates the problem
if you are the sheriff, how do you get your job as sheriff? A: you get elected
Created by: amartinez604