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Gen. Man. Proc. 607

Impounding Vehicles

__ Storage Facility located at 3625 Growdon Road receives all __ vehicles, except vehicles impounded for downtown area __ violations. Growdon, impounded, parking
Which facility receives vehicles impounded for downtown area parking violations? The Storage Facility belonging to the holder of the current wrecker contract.
Officers submit a written report, showing justification for impoundment, when impounding any vehicle, except vehicles involved in __ or from a __ - __ or __ - __ __ Zone. crashes, 0700-0900 or 1600-1800, Tow-Away
When applicable in the remarks column of the TSR the officer notes, any waiting or labor time after the first __ minutes, The words "Hold for __ Court" for any vehicle impounded pursuant to an Order of Impoundment, the words "No __" for any vehicle impounded pursuant to TC 601.051. 15, Municipal, Insurance
Impound any property, including __, left in the vehicle, unless the tow is for failure to provide Evidence of __ Responsibility as required pursuant TC 601.051. keys, Financial
When a vehicle is impounded as evidence the officer will, write "__" on the TSR, Route a copy of his report to the appropriate __, and request a __/__ to process the vehicle. Evidence, Follow-Up Unit, UEDI/ CSI
When a person in control of a vehicle is arrested: the officer impounds the vehicle, unless; the __ is present and requests to drive the vehicle or legally park it. registered owner
When driver is the registered owner of a vehicle and is arrested: they can elect to leave the vehicle __, or release the vehicle to a __ passenger or person at the scene, before the vehicle is released the person receiving must sign a __. legally parked, licensed, prop. receipt
Vehicles parked in fire lanes at shopping malls are issued a __, but not impounded unless they are obstructing __ equipment. ticket, fire fighting
Private transportation must be accomplished within the __ minute wait-time allowed before towing. 30
If transportation is not accomplished within the __ minute wait-time allowed before towing the officer __ the individual. 30, shall transport
Officers shall __ every incident where the driver/ occupants refuse transportation by the officer using a __. document, incident report
If all required equipment to tow a vehicle is attached and the owner arrives at the location, the operator will be allowed to charge a __, and the officer will write "__" on the __. Drop Fee, Drop Fee, TSR
If all required equipment has not been attached no __ can be charged and the vehicle is __ to the owner. Drop Fee, released
An admission to being an __ driver allows the officer to proceed without a mandatory __ minute waiting period. uninsured, 30
The sergeant authorizing the decision not to tow a vehicle for failing to provide evidence of financial responsibility will have their __ entered on the Dispatch __ card. name, N-Code
Vehicles abandoned on __ owned property other than dedicated streets are handled in the same manner as an abandoned vehicle on a public street, except no __ is issued. city, parking ticket
If a vehicle is parked for over __ hrs on the untraveled portion of an express way, the vehicles are impounded. 2
Recovered stolen vehicles used in conjunction with any __ offense are __. The vehicle is released only by the authority of the appropriate __ unit. serious, impounded, follow-up
True or False? When recovering a stolen vehicle from a licensed vehicle storage facility officers are required to complete SAPD Form #113, Receipt for Property, in duplicate. True
If a driver can make his vehicle drivable after minor repairs, the officer will allow the driver __ minutes after the completion of the investigation to repair his vehicle. 15
Created by: toniazzo
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