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Gen. Man. Proc. 611

Mentally Ill Persons

True or False? Officers shall force individuals to take medications. False: shall NOT
If an individual is taken into custody, any medication being taken should be __ with the individual and released to the appropriate __ or __ personnel ( this shall be documented in the report). transported, medical, detention
For adults __ and older officers shall call the __ prior to transport at 210-358-6902 to verify they are not on diversion and they can accept the person. 18, Crisis Care Center
If the __ is on diversion officers shall transport the adult to the nearest appropriate __ mental health facility or closest __. Crisis Care Center, inpatient, Emergency Room
For youth __ and under officers shall: phone the Child Crisis Center between 0830-2000 M-F before transport 711 E Josephine; Clarity Child Guidance Center, Nix Behavioral Health Services; Laurel Ridge; if no room is available transport to the nearest hosp 17
If a guardian cannot be located or refuses to cooperate, the officer shall contact __. Child Protective Services
With a supervisors approval, conduct a Warrantless Emergency Detention in lieu of arrest if the person with mental illness has committed a __ criminal offense other than __ and __. misdemeanor, DWI and Family Violence
When conducting a Warrantless Emergency Detention in lieu of an arrest the officer will __ the person with mental illness on the correct report. SP
True or False? A supervisor should be contacted for final disposition in family violence cases resulting in no injury or minor injury and where no further violence by the person with mental illness is anticipated. True
If the person with mental illness is accepted at a medical or psychiatric facility, that facility will provide any future __ to a secondary facility. transportation
If an officer is unsure whether the persons condition is primarily the result of a __, __, or a __, the officer will call or ask the info channel to contact the Crisis Care Center and consult with the staff for guidance. mental illness, physical illness, substance abuse problem
Officers shall immediately orally inform the person being detained of the reason for the detention and that a staff member of the facility will inform him of his rights within __ hrs of admission. 24
When booking a person with mental illness the officer will notate at the top of the booking slip __. Evidences Symptoms of Mental Illness
Family members or persons concerned over the mental or emotional health of an individual can be referred to the __ Health Office at the Bexar County __ or may call the __ Line at 210-223-7233. Mental, Courthouse, Crisis
At the courthouse, family members may be required to complete the application for Emergency __ and __ an application for __-Ordered __ Health Services with a request for an Order of __ Custody. Apprehension and Detention, Court, Mental, Protective
True or False? All applications for mental health assistance through the courthouse shall be reviewed and acted upon by an appropriate judge or magistrate. True
True or False? Officers will immediately make a reasonable effort to contact and notify the person who is the subject of threats which are being made by the person with mental illness. True
If no phone number or residence is known for the person who is being threatened, officers will notify and route a copy of the report to the __ unit and __ at their substation prior to __. homicide, CRT, checking back into service
Officers will route a copy, of all reports involving threats made by persons with mental illness to the __ unit, __, __, and the __ at their service area substation. homicide, Crisis Negotiators Detail, Crisis Intervention Team, Crisis Response Team
Copies of any report involving mental health issues shall be forwarded to the __. mental health detail
In cases where a person is not arrested for the criminal offense and a ED is made, the primary offense will be titled __, with the related offense being titled as the __. ED, criminal offense
Police Cadets shall receive a minimum of __ hrs of CIT training. 40
Officers and Civilian employees shall receive refresher training regarding interactions with persons suffering from mental illness at least every __ years. 3
Officers may encounter persons who exhibit symptoms of mental illness in a variety of community settings. This procedure is intended to assist officers in the _____, ______, and _____ of persons ( adults & juveniles) with mental illness who are involved in a mental health crisis. Evaluation assessment disposition
Created by: toniazzo
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