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Gen. Man. Proc. 330

Social Media

True or False? This policy is not intended to obstruct the professional development of any member or to infringe upon any member's protected rights to include communication, speech, or expression. True
The San Antonio Police Department recognizes two general categories of social media usage among members. These categories include __ use and __ use. departmental and personal
True or False? Members seeking to represent the Department via social media outlets may obtain written permission from the Chief of Police, or his/ her designee, prior to engaging in such activity. False SHALL
True of False? Department members shall not under any circumstances make any statements about the guilt or innocence of any suspect or arrestee, or comments concerning pending prosecution. True
All members shall treat the official business of the Department as __. confidential
Members shall state that the views and opinions expressed on a social media sites are the member's personal views and not those of the San Antonio Police Department by incorporating a __ indicating this on their personal page. disclaimer
There is NO ______ _______ of _______ when engaging in social networking online while using City assets or during a members working hours. Reasonable expectation of privacy
Created by: toniazzo