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Gen. Man. Proc. 604

Family Disturbances/ Violence

True or False? Preservation of the peace in family disturbances is perhaps the most sensitive area of law enforcement and presents the greatest challenge and risk to officers. True
It is not necessary for the family violence offense to occur within the __ of the officer. Additionally, the __ arrest can occur at a place and time other than the location of the offense. presence, warrantless
Officers should include details in their offense report which reflects the __ made to arrest the offender without a warrant, and a statement __ a warrant of arrest be obtained for the offender. efforts, recommending
The respective substation __ Officers will prepare warrants during their business hours. The __ Detail or __ Unit will prepare warrants at all other times. CRT, Family Violence or Night CID
Officers have several available methods of contacting SVU, including, contacting SVU detectives on the __ patrol radio channel, calling the __ office at 207-2313 __ days a week from __ to __, after __ officers contact __ offices at 207-7389, or contact the __ unit where the SVU detectives __ numbers are listed. central, SVU, 7, 0500 to 1745, 1745, NCID, Communications, cell
The Special Victims Unit shall provide family violence training to __, __, and __. Police Service Agents, Crisis Response Teams, Crime Scene Unit Investigators
When officers enter a dwelling with the consent of either or both parties, and subsequently both parties request they leave, the officers will __, unless they have __ cause to believe their presence is necessary to prevent __ violence or to affect an __. DO SO, probable, family, arrest
Cases Involving Sworn Members: The highest ranking command officer to respond to the scene shall be the __ authority for any custodial __. approving, arrest
Cases Involving Sworn Members: The supervisor shall forward copies of all __, __, or __ reports, including all details of the call, to the Office of the __, the __ __ unit, and the __ commander of the arrested officer. offense, incident, supplemental, Chief, Internal Affairs, Division
The complainant is advised to contact the __ Violence Court Prosecutors Office located in the __ Court Building to file Class C charges. Domestic, Municipal
Officers investigating incidents involving a member of the military shall provide written notice of the incident or disturbance call to the __ Advocate at __ Headquarters or the __ Marshall of the military installation of assignment. Staff Judge, Joint Forces, Provost
Created by: toniazzo
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