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Crime sketching methods include triangulation, coordinate and ________. Cross Projection
Latent finger prints can be lifted by using ninhydrin
the acronym for deoxyribonucleic acid DNA
The supreme court case that set the policy for the use of force by police Tennessee v. Garner
An officer is interviewing a person with a knife. An appropriate distance to maintain from the suspect would be 22 feet
An officer grabs a reluctant suspect by the arm and escorts them to the police vehicle . In the use of force continuum , this is an example of Soft hand
What Amendment prohibits excessive bail 8th Amendment
Based on reasonable suspicion an officer may Frisk a suspect for weapons
A non- lethal weapon that causes temporary blindness and incapacitates Pepper Spray
Crimes against property include Larsony, arson and burglary
An effective method of managing stress is to Run Laps
The booking procedure includes medical, physical and Mental evaluations
The U S Supreme Court upheld Stop and Frisk in what case Terry v. Ohio
The best method of handcuffing a suspect is behind the suspects back, key hole up and double locked
Criminology is the study of Control, Nature and Cause of criminal behavior
When offering testimony the officer should direct their attention to the Jury
A subpoena is A legal document ordering a person to testify in court os law as a witness
A p[lea in which the defendant neither admits nor disputes a charge is know as Nolo contendere
Three characteristics of a good police report are Legibility , Accuracy and Clarity (LAC)
What is the URC? The FBI's Uniform Crime Report (URC)
The major objective of Terrorism is to generate publicity for their cause
Several agencies are under the management of Department of Homeland Security including US Coast Guard
To be an effective police officer you must be skilled in both forms of communication verbal and non-verbal
What term means monitoring movement in and out of a facility? Access control
According to the M'Naughten Rule a defendant is considered insane if they can not distinguish between right and wrong in regards to the crime which they are charged
The leading crime activity of gangs is the sale of drugs
What defines cultural diversity? differences between age, race, gender, beliefs, ethnic language and customs
In processing a crime scene all bodily fluids should be considered as toxic substances
When arresting a suspect known to have tuberculosis the office should do what have the suspect wear a mask
The term incarceration means confinement to a prison or jail
What is the definition of Parole? The conditional early release from prison
What is the definition of Recidivism? A tendency to relapse and return to criminal behavior
Corrections Officers are responsible for what in regards to all inmates? Custody, Safety and Supervision
What is the definition of Probation? Occurs prior to and often instead of jail or prison time
At a Crime scene when should photographs of evidence be taken? Before you obtain an impression
What is a Hallucinogen? a substance that induces changes in mood, attitude, thought processes and perception
What is a Stimulant? a substance that taken to increase alertness or activity
What is a Depressant? a substance that depresses the function of the central nervous system
What is chromatography? any of several analytical techniques for separating organic or carbon containing mixtures into their components by attraction to a stationary phase while being propelled by a moving phase
What is the Controlled Substance Act? federal law establishing five classifications of controlled dangerous substances (CDS)
What are Amphetamines? a group of synthetic drugs that stimulate the central nervous system
What is a Narcotic? an addictive drug that relieves pain or alters mood or behavior
What is the importance of the 1st Amendment the right to practice your religion, speak freely, and to assemble
What is the importance of the 2nd Amendment the right to bare arms
What is the importance of the 3rd Amendment Can not be forced to house soldiers
What is the importance of the 4th Amendment protects people from unreasonable search and seizures and must have a Warrant to enter your home
What is the importance of the 5th Amendment Protects people against being held unless properly charged with a crime, Can not be tried twice for the same crime (Double Jeopardy ) & you don't have to testify against yourself
What is the importance of the 6th Amendment Your rights to a speedy trail, Confront witnesses against you, and a jury of your peers
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