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Gen. Man. Proc. 507

DWI Arrests

Officers conduct a field interview using questions listed on SAPD Form __, to develop further probable cause and record any observations on SAPD Form __. #24-1A DWI Traffic Case Report, #24-FSC Officers Field Sobriety Checklist
Other Sobriety tests that an officer may conduct are? Reciting of the Alphabet (from A to Z), the numerical count, Modified Romberg Balance Test, Finger-to-Nose
Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol: Minors under this offense are individuals younger than __ years of age and include __. 21, juvenile
Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol: Individuals __ years of age or older, are not charged for the offense of __. 21, DUI
If the portable breath test show any alcohol concentration of less than .08 in a minors system who is __ YOA or older and under __ YOA, the officer may release the minor to a responsible __ adult, preferably a __. 17, 21, sober, parent
If the juveniles portable breath test show any alcohol concentration of less than .08, the officer shall attempt to contact the juveniles parent or legal guardian an allow them __ hour to come to the scene to take custody. 1
If the parent or legal guardian of a juvenile comes to the scene to take custody of the juvenile, the juvenile is issued a __ citation for the class __ misdemeanor offense of DUI and released to the parent or legal guardian. misdemeanor, C,
If the parent or legal guardian of a juvenile does not take custody of the juvenile within the allowed __ hour, the juvenile is issued a __ citation for the class __ misdemeanor offense of DUI and transported to the __ for further disposition. 1, misdemeanor, C, Youth Crime Services Office
Vehicles driven by __ are released to the vehicles __, or __. juveniles, registered owner or impounded
Minors who refuse a __ and a __ are transported to the __ testing Room, where the officer will obtain a __ for a blood draw. SFST (standard field sobriety test), portable breath test, DWI, warrant
True or False? A minor is arrested for DWI pending results of blood toxicology testing? True
Required Reports for DUI Arrests: SAPD Form __ will be completed listing the probable cause and the results of the portable breath test. The letters __ are written across the top of the report in bold print. #24-1A DWI Traffic Case Report, DUI
Required Reports for DUI Arrests: SAPD Form __ is completed when a minor is issued a __ for DUI or is __ and __ for DUI. #DIC-23 Peace Officers Sworn Report, misdemeanor citation, arrested and booked
Required Reports for DUI Arrests: SAPD Form __ is completed if a __ test is given or offered. A __ is given to the minor. #DIC-24 Statutory Warning, chemical, copy
Required Reports for DUI Arrests: SAPD Form __ is completed when a minor is issued a __ for DUI or is __ and __ for DUI. A __ of the form is given to the minor. #DIC-25 Notice of Suspension, misdemeanor citation, arrested and booked, copy
Juvenile DWI Arrests: The arresting officer shall promptly give notice of his action and a statement of the reason for taking the juvenile into custody to the juveniles __, __, or __ and the __. parent, guardian or custodian, Youth Processing Office
The notification process should be conducted within __ hour of the arrest and will be documented in the officers __. 1, report
When a juvenile is taken into custody for the offense of DWI, the juvenile will be given testing __ in the DWI testing room. preference
A __ officer guards the juvenile at all times while in the __ and __ testing room. SAPD, Detention Center and DWI
Juvenile DWI suspects __ be read SAPD Form DIC-#24 Statutory Warning on __ and the offering of the breath test or blood test and their response __ be recorded on the video camera prior to the __ test. shall, video, shall, chemical
True or False? Suspects are not handcuffed in the DWI Testing Room except when violent and uncooperative. True
A magistrate services detention form #17 Registration Property Form, will be filled out and signed by the __, the __ and the __. detention guard, arresting officer, DWI suspect
Suspects are not allowed to __, __, __, __, or __ any substance into their mouth prior to testing. smoke, chew gum, eat, drink or introduce
A qualified intoxilyzer/ video operator is assigned to the DWI Testing Room every day from __ hrs to __ hrs. 2000 to 0600
Officers will request that medical personnel obtain __ 10 ml gray topped vials of suspects blood. Each vial should contain __ to __ milliliters of suspects blood. 2, 8 to 10
A copy of SAPD Form __, the correct lab submission form, and chain of custody form will be placed inside the __ . #DIC-23A Specimen Routing Report, Blood Collection Kit
If the officer suspects that drugs are involved in the __, he makes a notation on the toxicology submission form to have a drug screen test performed on the blood sample. intoxication
A blood test will be taken if a traffic accident resulted in __ or caused __ to another and the officer has probable cause to believe that the accident occurred because a driver was operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. death, serious bodily injury
SAPD Form __ is prepared and submitted for all mandatory blood tests. #TLE-51A Affidavit of Person who Withdrew Blood
Blood Collection Kits Include: __ 10 ml Blood Collection Vials (gray top vacutainers) each containing __ mg of Sodium Fluoride and __ mg of Potassium Oxalate. 2, 100, 20
All drug recognition evaluations are conducted at the __ Testing Room located in the City of San Antonio Detention Center and includes evaluations for __ law enforcement agencies. DWI, outside
If a suspect is evaluated for the use of drugs by a DRE, the DRE will be responsible for using the __ step drug recognition evaluation process outlined on SAPD Form __. 12, #24-DI Texas DRE Evaluation Form
True or False? The DRE may ask for a urine or blood specimen to confirm his opinion on the drug recognition evaluation form. True
If the suspect __ gives a urine specimen, the DRE will be responsible for the collection of the specimen and will fill out the request forms for chemical testing at the __ office. voluntarily, Medical Examiners
The DRE will also be responsible for ensuring the __ of the urine sample to the Medical Examiners office. delivery
True or False? Out of State driver licenses are confiscated. False: are NOT
Created by: toniazzo
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