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Gen. Man. Proc. 701

Crime Scene Duties

Who automatically assumes the responsibility of securing the crime scene area from unauthorized intrusions to protect any physical evidence? The first officer to arrive at the scene
No set of definite rules can be applied to defining the dimensions of the scene of a crime. True or false? True
When should the name of all officers present be included in the report? Should the supervisory officers not make the scene
When an officer must handle evidence to protect it from loss, destruction, or for the victim to receive proper medical treatment, the officer takes custody of the evidence and _? Marks the item for later identification and turns it over to the UEDI/Crime Scene Unit Investigator, or places the item in the Property Room as evidence.
What are two examples of how an officer handles a firearm as evidence, in the least intrusive manner to avoid destroying the item, fingerprints, or other trace evidence? 1. does not rotate the cylinder 2. does not unload firearm
At a major crime scene, who must UEDIs receive approval and direction from? the Crime Scene Unit Supervisor or the follow up unit investigator assigned to the crime scene prior to processing the scene.
True or False: When preparing the necessary supplemental reports of all actions taken, the names of any officers who assisted should NOT be included. False
What form will a Patrol Division Supervisor assign a Patrol Officer to complete to document all personnel entering the crime scene? SAPD Form 4130 "Crime Scene Personnel Log"
At what point will any personnel entering an indoor crime scene wear protective shoe coverings and gloves? Once the crime scene has been deemed secure
When the victim is obviously dead, the body may not be moved without authorization from the Bexar County Medical Examiner or a Medical Examiner Investigator, except when? 1. Emergency circumstances 2.In cases of unreasonable delay after repeated attempts to contact Medical Examiner's Office personnel have failed.
True/False: Officer is responsible for making note of any physical evidence which may be accidentally moved by medical personnel and ensure medical personnel do not contaminate the crime scene by discarding any of their supplies or equipment in the area. True
For VHS recording devices, why must the officer take custody of the VHS tape and pull the tab on the side of the VHS tape? so the tape cannot be recorded over
For digital recording devices, officers should have some form of digital video copy. What does this digital video copy become? the master video recording
Officers/UEDIs should not view or make copies of the master video recording without approval from whom? the follow-up unit investigator or supervisor
If the digital video copy can't be made, the Crime Scene Investigator shall take custody of all digital video equipment including the monitor when requested by a supervisor & place it in the Property Room. Who should they route a copy of their report to? the follow-up unit and Technical Investigations Detail supervisors
What should the follow-up unit detective document, if he views the master video recording? the camera number and 6 digit time (hours: minutes: seconds) of the incident
If a master video recording cannot be made, what are some examples of when a supervisor would notify the Technical Investigations Detail Detectives, after business hours, to respond to the scene and make a digital video? A Police involved shooting or Capital Murder investigation where video holds a key role in the investigation.
True of False: A UEDI/Crime Scene Unit Investigator is dispatched on all confirmed burglary calls. True
Who's responsibility is it to request a UEDI/Crime Scene Unit Investigator at a burglary crime scene? the investigating officer
In the event the owner or authorized representative is not available to give consent, the UEDI/Crime Scene Unit Investigator should conduct a latent print investigation following these guidelines: Point of entry and point of exit
When the owner or authorized representative cannot be located, can a supervisory officer authorize the processing of the burglary scene? Yes
If a UEDI/Crime Scene Unit Investigator is unavailable prior to the stolen vehicle being impounded, where are they dispatched to print the vehicle? the Vehicle Storage Unit
What prohibitive circumstances prevent the UEDI/Crime Scene Unit Investigator from conducting the processing of the vehicle at the scene of recovery? a. inclement weather; b. inadequate lighting; c. The seriousness of the offense requires the Crime Scene Unit Investigator to move the vehicle to the evidence stall for a thorough processing of the vehicle.
Where can the complainant for a forgery not in progress, obtain SAPD Form #45-F9, (Forged Check)? the Headquarters Building, any police substation, or at
What must be completed and attached to each forged check submitted? SAPD Form #45-F9
What should the complainant do with the forged check and attached SAPD Form #45-F9? Either mail in or return to the Forgery Detail.
If it is anticipated digital evidence will be present at a crime scene and time permits (i.e. search warrant), who should be contacted prior to entry? a Technical Investigations Detail Detective
True or False: The digital storage device(s) may be placed in the property room or taken to the computer forensic lab for forensic analysis. True
Before moving the victims body, the officers/UEDIs shall: Make note of the original position of the victim Request the crime scene unit investigator photograph and take necessary measurements of the crime scene.
Created by: toniazzo
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