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Study Questions for NOCTI 2017

One of the earliest crime laboratories was founded by: Edmond Locard
The judicial case that set forth the current guidelines for determining the admissibility of scientific examinations in the federal courts is: Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals
The case of Frye v. United States deals with the legal issue of: General acceptance of scientific principles
The following service does not normally lie within the expertise of the forensic scientist: Polygraph examination
The effectiveness of an expert’s testimony is almost always dependent on: - The experience of the expert - The ability of the expert to talk in clear, concise language - The educational background of the expert - The scientific validity of the tests used
The obligation to maintain the integrity of evidence belongs to which of the following? The evidence clerk
The relative evidential value of laboratory test results is almost always dependent on: The way the evidence is collected and presented for examination
The manner of collecting and preserving physical evidence at a crime scene is determined by: The nature of the evidence
Physical evidence may be obtained from: - The crime scene - The victim - The suspect
All of the following items may be placed in an airtight container except: Bloodstained clothing
The evidence collector is not concerned with: Determining the natural variations that exist in physical evidence
Evidence having class characteristics can: Exonerate an innocent suspect
If the laboratory can piece broken glass from a window or headlight together, then the evidence has ___________ characteristics. Individual
The “jigsaw fit” of known and questioned fragments is important for court presentation primarily because: This method will definitely demonstrate common origin when a match is made
The computerized database used to store DNA information is: CODIS
A comparison analysis subjects a suspect specimen and a control specimen to the same tests and examinations for the ultimate purpose of determining: Whether or not they have a common origin
The basic metric unit of volume is the: Liter
Physical evidence that can be used to aid in a crime scene reconstruction includes: - Blood spatters - Gunshot residues - Glass fragments - Shoeprints
Which of the following is an element? Aluminum
One inch is equivalent to how many centimeters? 2.54
Which of the following has higher frequencies and higher energy values in the electromagnetic spectrum? X-rays
Water boils at: 100° Celsius
The physical state that has both shape and volume is a: Solid
Density is defined as: Weight per unit volume
The larger opening of a crater-shaped hole in glass made by the penetration of a projectile indicates: The exit side of the glass
A piece of glass is immersed in a liquid. It proceeds to float on the liquid’s surface. This shows that the density of the glass is ___________ the density of the liquid. Less than
If glass cannot be physically pieced together then the control and question glass are best compared as to their: Refractive index and density
The two most important physical properties of glass for forensic comparisons are: Refractive index and density
The reagent used for the field test of heroin is: Marquis
The most satisfactory way of simultaneously separating and tentatively identifying drugs is by: Chromatography
The fracture pattern of glass usually has: Radial and concentric lines
Marijuana is considered to be a: Hallucinogen
Stress marks on the edge of a radial crack near the point of impact are: Parallel to the side on which the force was applied
A police officer performs a field test on a white powder, obtaining a purple color. The most likely drug present is: Heroin
Drugs deemed to have the highest potential for abuse and also having a current medical use are listed in which schedule of the Controlled Substances Act? II
There is a significant likelihood that continued use of ___________ will result in a low degree of psychological dependence. Marijuana
The most common diluent of heroin is: Quinine
Regular use of the following drug may lead to physical dependency: Ethyl alcohol
Heroin is a chemical derivative of: Morphine
Which of the following is NOT a stimulant? Ethyl alcohol
The following ARE depressants? a. Librium b. Valium c. Methaqualone d. Ethyl alcohol
The following analytical technique is considered to be a specific test in a drug identification scheme: Infrared spectrophotometry
Which of the following is synthetically produced and does NOT occur naturally? Amphetamine
Which of the following is considered to be a hallucinogen? All are hallucinogens: a. Phencyclidine (PCP) b. Mescaline c. Psilocybin d. STP
The tranquilizers Valium and Librium are classified in which schedule of the Controlled Substances Act? IV
A technique for separating and tentatively identifying the components of a mixture is: Chromatography
Which of the following is (are) considered to be “club drugs”? All these are : a. Ketamine b. MDMA c. Rohypnol d. GHB
Alcohol is eliminated from the body chemically unchanged in: a. Urine b. Breath c. Perspiration
Which of the following is NOT part of the gas chromatograph? SLIT
Alcohol is oxidized in the body primarily in: The lungs
Which of the following is NOT part of the absorption spectrophotometer? Carrier gas
A breath test may be used to analyze: Ethyl alcohol
The blood alcohol concentration level for being presumed to be legally “Under the Influence” in most states is: 0.08 percent
Which of the following statements is FALSE? The Breathalyzer measures the absorption of light by alcohol.
Blood is drawn from a living suspect involved in an automobile accident. If the specimen is kept unrefrigerated and at a moderately warm temperature the alcohol concentration can be expected to: Decrease with time
Field sobriety tests that can be employed to ascertain the degree of an individual’s alcohol impairment normally do not include the following: Gas chromatography
The elimination or “burn off” rate of alcohol averages ___________ percent w/v per hour. 0.015
The analytical technique widely used for directly measuring the amount of alcohol present in the blood is: Gas chromatography
The ratio of alcohol in the blood to alcohol in alveoli air is approximately: 2100 to one
The following drug is NOT found in blood or urine: Heroin
A neutral substance will have a pH closest to: 7
For the purpose of extracting the drug out of body tissues, an amphetamine is classified as a(n): Basic drug
Carbon monoxide combines with what component of blood? Hemoglobin
The Breathalyzer measures the quantity of light absorbed by: Potassium dichromate
In the case of Schmerber v. California blood was categorized as being: Non-testimonial evidence
The magnification power of a microscope equals the magnifying power of: The objective lens multiplied by the eyepiece lens
Some breath-testing devices for alcohol use ___________ light to measure the quantity of alcohol trapped in a chamber. Infrared
The microscope examination of a bullet requires: Reflected light
In forensic toxicology, all positive drug findings must be confirmed by a specific chemical test. The confirmation test of choice is: Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry
The most important tool of the firearms examiner is the: Comparison microscope
Which of these is NOT part of the optical system of a compound ¬microscope? The body tube
The presence or absence of how many antigens ¬determines an individual’s blood type in the A-B-O system? 2
What approximate percentage of the population is type B? 15 percent
A precipitin test can be used to identify: a. Human blood b. Dog blood c. Cat blood d. Mouse blood
An individual who is type O has: Both A and B antibodies
If blood is found to have both A and B antigens it is typed as: AB
Antibodies are found: In the blood serum
During the production of monoclonal antibodies which step is NOT followed? a. Inject an animal with the antigen of interest. b. Remove the animal’s spleen cells. c. Fuse the spleen cells to malignant blood cells. d. Hydridoma bearing the antibody activity of interest are selected and cultured.
One parent is type AB; the other parent is type O. A possible genotype for an offspring is: AO
Acid-phosphatase is a major constituent of: Semen
When an animal is injected with an antigen, the animal will respond by producing: Polyclonal antibodies
The presence of ___________ proves that a stain is seminal in nature. p30
A stain can tentatively be identified as blood by: a. The benzidine test b. The luminol test c. The phenolphthalein test d. The Takayama test
How many different bases are associated with the makeup of DNA? 4
Assume that two strands of DNA have been separated and that the base sequence on one strand is ATGC. State the sequence of bases on the second strand. TACG
Portions of the DNA molecule useful for DNA typing: Are repeated many times
Examples of polymers that contain repeating units known as nucleotides are: DNA
The production of amino acid is coded by a sequence of how many bases on the DNA molecule? 3
The following steps comprise the DNA typing process: (l) electrophoresis, (2) Southern blotting, (3) hybridization with a radioactive probe, (4) digestion with restriction enzyme, (5) process with X-ray film. List these steps in their proper sequence. 4,1,2,3,5
The concept of simultaneously extracting, amplifying, and detecting a combination of STRs is known as: Multiplexing
Which statement is NOT correct for Y-STRs? Y-STR types are typically shorter in length compared to X-STRs.
Created by: fhalpin
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