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Gen. Man. Proc. 703

Handling of Sexual Assault Complaints

Out of jurisdiction cases: For Uniform Crime Reporting purposes, the offense code for the reports is _. 110010-Outside jurisdiction.
Preliminary interview of the victim is conducted by _ officer, who briefly interviews the victim privately away from all other officers, witnesses, and onlookers. one
If the victim chooses not to have a _ name, they have the right to choose a _ at any time during the investigation. pseudonym; pseudonym
The basic information for beginning an investigation must be included on SAPD Form _, if the victim chooses a pseudonym, the form is forwarded to the Special Victims Unit. #2089-PSA
Regardless of whether a pseudonym is used, the _ and _ of the victim must be included in the offense report. date of birth, sex
The officer will fax a copy of the offense report and a copy of SAPD Form _ to the Special Victims Unit. #2089-PSA
The officer will return the original SAPD Form #2089-PSA to the Special Victims Unit in person or in a _ through the department bin mail. sealed envelope
If the sexual assault occurred within _ hours of the report, the officer requests the victim undergo a physical exam at the Methodist Specialty and Transplant Hospital if the victim is _ years of age or older. 96; 17
True or False: The victim may insist upon having the examination done by a private physician or at a hospital facility of his/her choosing, in which case it is permitted. True
The officer may be relieved from waiting with the victim at the hospital if: 1. The victim is accompanied by an adult friend, adult relative, or a rape crisis counselor; and 2. The victim has _ from the hospital after the examination. transportation
The officer notes in his report the _, _, _, and _ of the person in whose care the victim was left with at the hospital. name; address; age; title
One method of notifying Child Protective Services: Call the specially designated Child Abuse Statewide Intake hotline number for law enforcement at _. 1-800-877-5300
One method of notifying Child Protective Services: Make an online report to the Statewide Intake office by logging in to _.
One method of notifying Child Protective Services: Fax a copy of the officer's report to the Statewide Intake office at 1-800-647-7410
The officer stresses having the medical examination done at the Christus Santa Rosa Children's Hospital, if the victim is _ years of age or younger, due to that hospital's expertise in handling cases involving children. 16
If the parents do not wish to go to the Christus Santa Rosa Hospital, a sexual assault examination may be done at Methodist Specialty and Transplant Hospital, provided the child is over _ years of age. 13
The Christus Santa Rosa Children's Hospital, located at _, is the primary location for examinations in all sexual assault cases involving victims _ years of age and younger. 333 N. Santa Rosa; 16
Evidence that requires intrusion into the human body, such as the withdrawing of blood or the taking of a sample of DNA from inside the mouth, must be accomplished pursuant to a _ or through _ . search warrant; written consent.
The suspect, regardless of age, will be taken to _ Hospital (8026 Floyd Curl) for the examination. Methodist Specialty and Transplant
All evidence removed from the suspect, except photographs of defensive wounds, will be packaged by the _ and turned over to the officer. SANE Nurse
Normally, the victim's sexual assault kit remains at the Methodist Transplant or Christus Santa Rosa Hospital and is transported to the crime lab by _ personnel. follow up unit
Any film used by the _ at the time of evidence collection will remain at the medical facility and will be picked up by the follow-up unit. SANE Nurse
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