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Gen. Man. Proc. 606

Impounding Property

The Property Room Customer Service Window will be open to the public __ and __ from __ hrs to __ hrs and closed on __ and __ including City Holidays. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from __ to __. Monday and Friday, 0745 to 1600, Saturday and Sunday, 1200 to 1600
SAPD Form __ is completed in __ for any property received or confiscated from an individual. #113 Receipt for Property, triplicate
SAPD Form #113 Receipt for Property is routed as follows, __ to the Records Office, a copy to the __ from whom the __ is taken, a copy to the appropriate __ unit. original, person, property, investigative follow-up
__ will be used to impound property and evidence except __ only when the system is down. K-Tags, controlled substance
__ will be used to impound controlled substance only when the system is down. E-Tags
Which items must have individual barcodes? Narcotics, Firearms, Currency, Jewelry, Articles containing a serial number either factory or owner applied
When evidence is too large or too heavy to be secured in the Property Room it shall be taken to the __ for secure storage. Vehicle Storage Unit
True or False? Loaded firearms with the exception of jammed firearms, are not taken into the Property Room. True
Substation ammunition/ fireworks magazines will be cleared out by the __ Squad personnel once every calendar quarter, and one week after __ and __ each year. Bomb, July 4th and January 1st
Containers which contain combustibles such as gasoline and butane are impounded at the __ . vehicle storage unit
Body parts, human or animal, are taken to the __ ME's Office
Property measuring over __ ft in length/ height or weighing over __ lbs is taken to the vehicle storage unit. 8, 200
In __ offenses, if an __ is made or a __ citation is issued, a __ of the property is obtained prior to releasing the property. misdemeanor, arrest, misdemeanor, photograph
Temporarily released property is returned to the Property Room within __ days. If necessary an approved extension, specifying the __ time required, is submitted to the __ supervisor. 14, additional, Property Room
The __ is a computer generated form used to communicate between the follow-up units and the Property Room for timely disposition of stored property. Property Disposition Authorization (PDA)
PDA’s will be distributed ____ a year , once in _____ and once in _____ to the ____ level supervisor of the follow up unit assigned. Twice April October second
Follow-up units will respond to __ of all Property Disposition Authorization issued within ____ calendar days. 100%, 60
The Property Room is authorized to release all personal property except for __, which are released by the __ Unit. firearms, Homicide
Found Property except firearms may be claimed by the finder after __ days, provided the owner is not located and clearance is obtained from a __ detective or the Property Room __ ____ officer. 120, Property Crimes, found property
Found firearms may be claimed by the finder after __ days, provided the owner is not located, the finder has not been __ of a crime which __ them from firearm possession, and clearance has been obtained from the __ and __ Units. 120, convicted, prohibits, homicide and property crimes
Currency classified as __ that is no longer needed for __ and is not the subject of a legal asset seizure procedure may only be released by the __ assigned to the criminal case, with __ approval. evidence, prosecution, detective, supervisory
When items are found to be in violation of this procedure and rejected for correction, they will placed in a __ locker located at __. Return, 401 S. Frio
Follow up units/detectives complete the PDA by logging on to the web and submitting a “request” for one of the following: 1. “No longer needed as evidence” 2. “Hold for further review” resets for review in ___ months 3. “Release to owner” must provide name and ID number
Created by: toniazzo
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