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Quiz Prep

Which healthcare setting is generally for those who have six months or less to live. Hospice
Which statement is true of long-term care? Most conditions in LTC facilities are chronic.
Where is LTC care offered? In Skilled Nursing Facilities.
Care given by specialist to help improve functions after injury or illness . Rehabilitation
A resident has purchased a special gift for the NA. ? is the best response? Refuse gift and thank resident for thinking of you.
Abbreviation HMO Means? Health Maintenance organization.
The group with the longest average stay in LTC facilities is ? Developmentally disabled.
What is acute care? Acute care is given in hospitals for people who require immediate care.
A _________ is a method or way of doing something? Procedure
Medicare will pay for? Only care that is determined to be medically necessary.
Regular inspections performed in facilities to make sure they are following state and federal regulations? Surveys
Which of the following is a core value associated with culture change? Promoting self-determination and personal choice.
Chapter 2
Which member of the care team diagnoses and prescribes? Physician (MD)- Doctor
Which of the following care team members are licensed professionals who delegate jobs to NA's? (Nursing Assistant) Nurses, Physical Therapist , Occupational Therapist.
Which statement is true of residents being apart of care team? The care team revolves around the resident and his or her condition, treatment, and progress.
What is one reason why reporting a resident's changes and problems to the supervisor is a very important role of the NA? Care Plans must be updated as residents condition change.
Which is typical task that NA's perform? Helping residents with toileting needs.
Which task is outside your scope of practice as a NA? Inserting tubes into a resident's body.
An example of a professional relationship between an NA and resident includes? Keeping resident information confidential.
Proper personal grooming for an NA means? Keeping hair clean and neatly brushed.
What does the term empathy mean? empathy means being able to enter into the feelings of others.
Which is a professional relationship with your boss? Documenting carefully.
What does the chain of command do? It helps protect NA's and their employers from liability.
The correct order of the nursing process is? Assessment, nursing Diagnosis, planning, implementation.
What is the single best way for an NA to manage his or her time efficiently? Plan ahead by making a list of tasks to do.
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