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Collaborative Review

Murder Killing a person with "malice aforethought"
Manslaughter Killing a person without malice aforethought
Justifiable homicide Killing in self-defense
Excusable homicide Killings done by someone "not of sound memory and discretion"
Criminal homicide All homicides that are neither justified nor excused
Serious bodily injury Bodily injury that involves a substantial risk of death
Malice aforethought Originally the mental state of intentional killing, with some amount of spite, hate, or bad will, planned in advance
Murder actus reus The act of killing by poisoning, striking, starving, drowning, and a thousand other forms which human nature can be overcome
Murder mens rea Can include purposeful, knowing, or reckless as the mental element in killing
Felony murder rule derives Unintentional deaths that occur during the commission of some felonies are murders
Euthanasia Helping another person to die
Rape shield laws Statutes that prohibit introducing evidence of victims' past sexual conduct
The elements of modern rape law Actus reus, mens rea, circumstance
Statutory rape To have carnal knowledge of a person under the age of consent whether or not accomplished by force
Battery Unwanted and unjustified offensive touching
Assault An attempt to commit battery or intentionally putting another in fear
Stalking Intentionally scaring another person by following, tormenting, or harassing
Cyberstalking The use of the Internet, email, or other electronic communication devices to stalk another person through threatening behavior
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