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Collaborative Review

Felonies against persons Murder, manslaughter, rape, kidnapping, robbery
Felonies against property Felony theft, robbery, arson, burglary
Hard punishment A sentence of a year or more in prison
Torts Private wrongs for which you can sue the party who wronged you and recovery money
Mala in se crimes Offenses that require some level of criminal intent
Mala prohibita offenses Offenses that are crimes only because a specific statue or ordinance prohibits them
Felonies Punishable by death or confinement in prison
Misdemeanors Punishable by fine and/or confinement in local jail for up to one year
Void-for-overbreadth doctrine Protects speech guaranteed by the 1st amendments by invalidating laws written so broadly that the fear of prosecution creates a "chilling effect"
Three-strikes laws Intended to ensure that offenders convicted of a 3rd felony get locked up for a long time
Principle of proportionality The punishment has to fit the crime
Actus reus "Evil act"
Mens rea "Criminal intent", often referred to as the mental element
Corpus delicti "Body of the crime"
"Good Samaritan" doctrine Imposes a legal duty to help or call for help for imperiled strangers
The MPC's four mental states Purposely, knowingly, recklessly, negligently
Causation Holding an actor criminally accountable for the results of her conduct
Defense of consent The justification that competent adults voluntarily consented to crimes against themselves and knew what they were consenting to
Civil commitment A proceeding where courts decide if defendants who were insane when committing crimes are still insane
Diminished responsibility An excuse defense with the argument "what I did was wrong, but under the circumstances I'm less responsible"
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