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Radio Codes Pt 2


901 Vehicle Accident
901A Vehicle Accident- Injuries
901AB Vehicle Accident- Into Building
903 Abandoned Vehicle
905 Traffic Control
906 Arriving on Scene
907 On Reports
908 Out of Service
908A Out of Service-Available
909 In service
910 Prowler
912 Vehicle License Check
913 Vehicle Registration Check
914A Private Message
914E Urgent Telephone Message
921 Car Clout
922 Drunk Subject
923 Indecent Exposure
924 Enroute to jail of HOJ
925 Location
926 Dead Body
927 Suspicious person or circumstances
928 Narcotic Activity
933 Burglary Alarm
936 Warrant Check
936F Subject wanted for felony
936M Subject wanted for misdemeanor
939 Confidential information for officer only
940 Meet the officer
940A Meet the Citizen
940S Meet the Supervisor
941 Prisoner in custody by officer or citizen
941P Prisoner in custody- Felony / 415 involve
945 Medical Aid
945P Medical Aid-Suspect on scene
952 Incomplete phone call for police
952A Silent Panic Alarm- Residence
952R Ringing Panic Alarm- Residence
952PP Incomplete call for police from payphone
952V Panic Alarm- Vehicle
970A Unoccupied Vehicle in Violation Zone
970B Unoccupied Vehicle Blocking Driveway
971 Suspicious Vehicle- Occupied
971W Suspicious Vehicle- Occupied- Weapon
972 Missing person (At Risk)
972FAX Missing Person Faxed Report
972R Missing Person Report
978 Driver License Check
981 Welfare Check
983 Check on Hazard
992 Transportation
992E Errand
994 Bomb Threat
994D Explosive Device
995 Fire/Medics Needed
996 Found Property
Created by: Sac916
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