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Schikel CJ 101A

Which of the following acts was enacted in response to the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001? USA PATRIOT Act of 2001
Which of the following advocates would support the interests of society over those of an individual public-order advocates
Which of the following advocates would support the protection of personal freedoms and civil rights individual-rights advocates
Criminal justice involves all of the following elements, EXCEPT cultural beliefs of right and wrong
Criminal justice refers to the aspects of ________ that concern violations of criminal law. social justice
Which model assumes that the system's sub-components work together harmoniously to achieve the social product we call justice? consensus model
Which model of criminal justice assumes that the efforts of the component parts of the system are fragmented, leading to a criminal justice non-system conflict model
The American criminal justice process begins with a(n) ________. investigation
A(n) ________ issued by a judge provides the legal basis for an apprehension of suspects by police warrant
Which stage in the criminal justice process involves taking pictures and fingerprints of the suspect booking
During arrest and before questioning, defendants are usually advised of their Miranda rights
In case of indictment, who hears evidence presented by the prosecutor and decides whether the case should go to trial the grand jury
At the arraignment, the defendant cannot plead no trial
Which stage of the criminal justice process is an adversarial process that pits the prosecution against the defense Trial
Which model emphasizes the efficient arrest and conviction of criminal offenders crime-control model
Which model emphasizes individual rights Consensus model
A society that is home to a multitude of different cultures Multiculturalism
Individual-rights advocates primarily seek to protect personal freedoms and civil rights within the society, and especially within Criminal Justice Process
Public-order advocates support the interests of society over Individual rights
True or False: Civil justice concerns itself with fairness in relationships among citizens, governments agencies, and business in private matters True
True or False: The first ten amendments of the United States Constitution are collectively known as the Bill or Rights True
Created by: Mr.Schikel
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