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Ch. 5

Chapter five flash cards

Criminal Conduct A criminal act triggered by criminal intent
Knowing Consent the person consenting understands what he or she consenting to; that he or she is not too young or insane to understand
battered woman’s syndrome mental disorder that develops in victims of domestic violence as a result of serious, long-term abuse
cohabitant exception in the jurisdictions that follow the retreat rule, people who live in the same home don’t have to retreat
castle exception when attacked in your home, you have no duty to retreat and can use deadly force to fend off an unprovoked attack, but only if you reasonably believe the attack threatens death or serious bodily injury
retreat rule you have to retreat from an attack if you reasonably believe (1) that you’re in danger of death or serious bodily harm; and (2) that backing off won’t unreasonably put you in danger of death or serious bodily harm
stand-your-ground rule if you didn’t start a fight, you can stand your ground and killto defend yourself without retreating from any place you have a right to be
Created by: Valadhiel