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Swahili - people

Flashcards Swahili/English Names of People

Mama Mummy/Mother
Baba Daddy/Father
Mwalimu Teacher
Daktari Doctor
Wezi/Mwizi Thieves/ thief
Masikini Poor man
Tajiri Rich Man
Msomi Educated person/Scholar
Mtoto/Watoto Child/children
Mwanamke Woman
Mwanaume Man
Mgonjwa/wagonjwa Sick person.Sick people
Muuza Duka Shop Keeper
Dereva Driver
Muuguzi Nurse
Dada Sister
Ndugu brother
Shangazi Aunt
Mjomba Uncle
Babu Grandfather
Bibi Grandmother
Kuhani Priest
Nun Nun
Shaba Barber
Mchezaji Butcher
Subira Patient
Mfadhili Taxi driver
Plumber Plumber
Taa/Mshoni Tailor
Binti Daughter
Mwana Son
Mke Wife
Mume Husband
Mvuvi Fisherman
Baharini Sailor
Mhudumu Waiter/Waitress
Jirani Neighbour
Mfanyakazi Employee
Bwana Boss/sir
Mwajiri Employer
Mtu person
Watu people
mpishi cook
wapishi cooks
Mgeni Guest/Stranger
Wageni Guests/Strangers
mzee old man
Wazee old men
Mvulana boy
Wavulana boys
Msichana girl
Wasichana girls
Mzungu European
Wazungu Eurpoeans
Mkulima Farmer
Wakulima Farmers
Mwanadamu Human being
Wanadamu Human beings
Mwanafunzi Student
Wanafunzi Students
Mwenzi Companion
wenzi Companions.
Created by: jamcadam
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