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Body parts

Kichwa Head
Pua Nose
Jicho Eye
Macho Eyes
Sikio Ear
Kinya Mouth
Ulimi Tongue
Jino Tooth
Meno Teeth
Kiti Chin
Shingo Neck
Nywele Hair
Uso Face
Mguu Leg (any part of leg or foot)
Bega Shoulder
Mkono Arm
Kodole Finger or thumb
Piga Knuckle
Msumari we kidole Finger nail
Kifua Chest
Titi Breast
Tumbo Belly
Nyuma Backside
Kitako Butt
Uume Penis
Kitambulisho Testicles
Uke Vagina
Moyo Heart
Mapafu Lung
Maumiva Pain
Maambukizi Infection
Kipofu Blind
Viziwi Deaf
Hupiga Stings
Ukanda Burns
Kurisha Urinate
Mkojo Urine
Ukanda Belch
Kamasi Mucus
Kumeza Swallow
Vimelea Parasite
Ugonjwa Disease
Dawa Medicine
Utartibu Procedure
Tiba Cure
Nzuri Good
Mbaya Bad
Haki Right
Kushoto Left
Juu Upper
Chini Lower
Created by: buster.stockman
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