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Youth court

Three Advantages to youth court Offender Reduced sentances Community Service 2nd chance
Three Advantages to youth court Member Resume Insight into law Community Service
Example of a community as a victim If walmart gets shoplifted
How are victims Impacted by Crimes Psycological damage emotional damage financial loss
Criminal Mischief Recklessly or intentionally damaging property
Petit larceny stealing property that is worth less than $1000
Criminal Tresspassing Entering or remaining on preises without permission
Confidentiality The requirement to not to reveal imformation
Intentinal A crime that is done on purpose
Hearing A proceeding in court at which both sides are present and argue their positions
Due Process Principle guarenteed in the Fifth and fourtenth amendmentsthat everyone is entitled to a fair trial and hearing
Oath A pledge such as the pledge to tell the truth while testifying
Three classes Peer Pressure Anger management Bullying Managment
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