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Fingerprinting - Corrections

Invisible fingerprints are not readily seen but can be developed through powders or chemicals.
Inked fingerprints The intentional recording of the friction ridge skin. Using black printer's ink and a fingerprint roller, the ridge characteristics of a particular individual, can be formally recorded on a standard fingerprint card.
Latent fingerprints are impressions transferred to a surface, can be invisible or visible.
Patent (plastic) fingerprints one form of visible print, are impressions left in soft substances, prints are photographed not dusted.
Whorls consists of a series of almost concentric circles.
A.F.I.S automated fingerprint identification system - can digitize fingerprint information to produce inkless fingerprints.
Discrepancy a difference between two patterns, that can not be explained.
Dactylography the study of the science of fingerprints
Core is the approximate center of the finger pattern impression
the opinion matching of a latent print to one person as its source to the exclusion of all other people in the world. Individualization
How many main fingerprint patterns are there? 3
Loop patterns account for what % of all fingerprints 60% or more
Name the two types of loop patterns. Ulnar loop and Radial loop
Describe the loop pattern. the ridges will flow in one side, recurve, (loop around) touch or pass through an imaginary line drawn from the delta to the core, and exit the pattern on the same side as it entered.
This pattern consists of a series of almost concentric circles. A whorl pattern
There are four types of whorl patterns. Which is not a whorl pattern? 1. Plain whorl, 2. Central Pocket Loop whorl, 3. Double Loop whorl, 4. Accidental whorl 5. Single Loop whorl Single Loop whorl
Whorl patterns account for what % of all fingerprints 25% or more
Ridges flow in one side and flow out the opposite side. What pattern is being described? Arch pattern
What are two types of arch patterns: Plain arch and Tented arch
No two fingerprints have ever been found to be the same. T or F T
Fingerprints begin forming during the 12th week of gestation, and barring surgical or accidental removal of the finger itself, will remain permanent for the life of the individual until the body decomposes after death. T or F T
Created by: Anthony.davis