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Distraction By Cell

Distraction By Cell Phones and Texting

Debilitating injuries injuries that weaken
Waned weakened or lessened
Prerequisites requirements or prior conditions for something else
Primary enforcement laws specific detail for a specific violation of the law
Countermeasures actions taken to counteract (fix or avoid) a danger or problem
Statutory actions carrying a penalty prescribed by a written law passed by a legislative body
Pilot programs experimental programs, usually the first of their kind
Perils serious and immediate dangers
Proliferation rapid increase in numbers
Holistic perspective perspective that considers the entire [whole] person or the entire problem
Degrade treat with contempt or disrespect; to break down or deteriorate
Confounding factors factors that confuse or mix up so that the individual elements are difficult to distinguish
Prudent acting with care and thought (due diligence)
Created by: Mrs. Talbot