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Kiswahili 5-6

daftari notebook
daktari doctor
madaktari doctors
-geni foreign
-gum hard, difficult
kalamu pen
kama if, when
kifaa/vifaa item/items
kuhitaji to need
kukumbuka to remember
kumaliza to finish
kununua to buy
kusoma to study
kupumzika to rest, to relax
lugha language
rangi color
wakati/nyakati time/s
zaidi more
huzuni sorrow
kusikitika sad
majonzi grief
kifo death
kufa die
wamekufa dead
machozi tears
kulia to cry
kupinda to repress
kuzuia to suppress
-sitika sorry, sad (also disappointed)
-tamani to desire, want, covet, crave
barabara road
barabara kuu highway (paved ?)
basi so
duka store
gari car
kanisa church
kati kati ya mji downtown, city center
kuchoka to be tired
kufika to arrive
kuhitaji to need
kuondoka to leave, depart
kupanda to climb
kupumzika to rest
kuweza to be able
mbali far
mbuga wildlife park
mkahawa resturant
mlima mountain
mnyama animal
pesa money
shilingi shillings
soko market
uwanja we ndege airport
-zuri interesting
-a kupendeza interesting
Created by: rgesley
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