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Swahili Unit 13

-a kufurahisha pleasant, enjoyable
amali profession(s)
askari wa zimamoto fireman(s)
biashara business(es)
bosi boss(es)
daktari wa meno dentist
madaktari wa meno dentists
daktari doctor
madaktari doctors
dereva wa basi bus driver(s)
fotokopi photocopy(ies)
fudni mechanic
mafundi mechanics
fundi bomba plumber
mafundi bomba plumbers
fundi umeme electrician
mafundi umeme electricians
kabati filing cabinet
makabati filing cabinets
kampuni company(ies)
karibu na close to, near
katibu muhutasi secretary(ies)
kazi job(s), work
kitabu cha anuani address book
vitabu vya unauni address books
kitabu cha tarehe planner
vitabu vya tarehe planners
kuacha ujumbe to leave a message
kuajiri to hire
kuandika ripoti to write a report
kuchukua ujumbe to take a message
kufanya kazi to work
kufurahisha to please
kuhitaji to need
kukaribisha to welcom
kuonyesha to show
kupanga miadi to schedule an appointment
kupiga chapa to type
kumpuzika/ kuenda kupumizko to take a break
kushughulika to be busy
kwenda mkutanoni to go to a meeting
lazima must
mashine ya faksi fax machine
mashine za faksi fax machines
mazingira environment(s)
mbele ya in front of
meza desk(s)
mfanyabiashara businessperson
wafanyabiashara businesspeople
mhandisi engineer
wahandisi engineers
mkurufunzi intern
wakurufunzi interns
mkulima farmer
wakulima farmers
mkurugenzi director
wakurugenizi directors
mkutano meeting
mikutano meetings
msanii artist
wasanii artist
mvinjari umemployed
muhimu important
mwalimu teacher
walimu teachers
mwanamuziki musician
wanamuziki musicians
mwanasheria lawyer(s)
mwandishi writer(s)
mwandishi wa habari journalist(s)
mwenza colleague
wenza colleagues
mwigizaji actor
waigizaji actors
mwimbaji singer
waimbaji singers
mwuguzi nurse
wauguzi, nesi nurses
mwuzaji salesperson
wauzaji salespeople
nyuma ya behind
ofisi office(s)
polisi police officer(s)
ripoti report(s)
rubani pilot
marubani pilots
seremala carpenter(s)
shubaka drawer
mashubaka drawers
simu telephone(s)
ujumbe message(s)
ukumbi wa mkutano meeting room
kumbi za mkutano meeting rooms
vizuri well
Unafanya kazi gani? What is your profession?
Nimepata kazi mpya. I got a new job.
Ninafanya kazi katika kampuni kubwa. I work for a large company.
Nimeacha kazi. I quit my job.
Una uzoefu gani? What experience do you have?
Umefanya kazi hii mudu gani? How long have you had your job?
Huu hapa wasifu wangu. This is my resume.
Tafadhali fanya fotokopi ya waraka huu. Please make a photocopy of this document.
Lazima iandika ripoti. I have to write a report.
Nina miadi saa saba na nusu. I have an appointment at 7:30.
Lazima nienda mkutanoni sasa. I must go to a meeting now.
Kufundisha ni kugumu. Teaching is hard.
Kitakupeleka umwone. I'll take you to see him/her.
Nitafurahi kumwona. I'm happy to see him/her.
Created by: meredithl2013
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