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Gen. Man. Proc. 809

Active Shooter Incidents

Contact Team- A group of __ officers who move in a coordinated effort into the hot zone to address a threat. 2-5
Rescue Task Force (RTF)- A team comprised of no more than __ first responders ( __ law enforcement officer per Fire/ EMS member) that deploys in the Warm Zone to provide immediate medical care and evacuation of casualties. 8, 1
The response to an Active Shooter Incident should keep in line with the following goals: Stop the threat, Secure the immediate area, Treat the injured/ wounded, Use Rescue Task Force teams, Secure the crime scene, Establish and maintain unobstructed ingress/ egress routes
What is the standard police response to a Hostage Barricade Crisis, in line with the 5 C's? Contain, Control, Communicate, Call Special Operations (SWAT/ Crisis Negotiators, Bomb Squad, K9), Create a plan of action
The __ objective of every responding officer is to isolate, distract, or neutralize the actions of an active shooter. primary
All tactics employed should be guided by these basic principles: Communicate, Stay together, Provide 540 degrees cover, Work the angles, Threshold evaluation, Speed of Movement (only move as fast as you can think and shoot accurately)
Rescue Task Force: RTF teams are deployed into the warm zone by the __. Forward Command Post Supervisor
Rescue Task Force: the RTF team leader will be a __. law enforcement officer
Rescue Task Force: Law enforcement officers assigned to the RTF team are __ for providing force protection to their assigned Fire/ EMS personnel. solely responsible
Rescue Task Force: RTF teams will __ together at all times until they are relieved by a __. remain, supervisor
True or False? The active shooter incident will only be declared SAFE by the Incident Commander. True
Created by: toniazzo
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