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Gen. Man. Proc. 708

Follow Up Units

Any Department member, sworn or civilian, receiving information or requests from an outside law enforcement agency regarding a fugitive shall immediately relay the info. to the __ Unit Office. ROP
Consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages in a motor vehicle Vice
Public intoxication Vice
Prohibition of the purchase and sale of human organs Vice
Sexual performance by a child Vice
Employment harmful to children Vice
Obscene display or distribution Vice
Attack on a assurance dog Property crimes
Use of laser pointers Homicide
Dog fighting Vice
Cruelty to animals Property crimes
Abuse of a corpse Intelligence
False alarm or report Property crimes
Disorderly conduct 1-11 Homicide
Disorderly conduct #12 Svu
Riot Disrupting meeting or procession Obstructing hwy or other passageway Intelligence
Official oppression Abuse of official capacity Misuse of official information Hindering proceedings by disorderly conduct Intelligence
Unauthorized practice of law Use of accident information & other info for pecuniary gain White collar crimes
False report regarding missing child or missing person Property crimes
Tampering with direct recording electronic voting machine Technical investigations detail
Barratry and solicitation of professional employment White collar crimes
Theft of trade secrets White collar crime
False statement to obtain property or credit Property crimes
Hindering secured creditors Property crimes
Commercial bribery White collar crimes
Rigging publicly exhibited contest Vice
Fraudulent destruction removal or concealment of writing Property crimes
Breach computer security Technical investigations detail
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