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Gen. Man. Proc. 707

Crash Investigation

Crash Documentation/ Investigation serves 3 main purposes: (1)to gather evidence to support prosecution of criminal violations; (2)to properly obtain/ document facts so those individuals involved can properly exercise their rights under civil law; (3)to provide statistical information necessary for the development of crash prevention programs.
The guide used in completing the Web based TxDOT Form #CR-3 is the CR-100 booklet titled Instruc. to Police Reporting Crashes. The booklet can be found on the __ and at the __ website. SAPDWEB, TxDOT
Hit-and-Run Crashes resulting in personal injury or death a crash report must be completed as well as __. an AFR report for Failure to Stop and Render Aid.
Hit-and-Run Crashes resulting in property damage only ($200 or more) a crash report must be completed as well as __. an AFR report for Failure to Stop and Give info.
Hit-and-Run Crashes resulting in property damage only (less than $200) a crash report must be completed as well as __. a Hit-and-Run/FSA Supplement report.
__ must be notified before placing a hold on any vehicle impounded under this procedure. Traffic Investigations Detail
Death/ Injury notification & follow up at hospitals: In cases resulting in serious injury/ illness, __ personnel will make notification to the next of kin. hospital
Police Vehicles that are not drivable are towed to the __ at 329 S. Frio St. Central Vehicle Repair Shop
Drivers of vehicles involved in crashes with city vehicles are advised the City is __, if they wish to file a claim against the City, they must contact the City __ Office. Self-Insured, Clerk's
All members involved in a police vehicle crash (on or off-duty) will be required to consent to post __ testing if the crash results in __, __, __, or __. drug/ alcohol, fatality, injury requiring med. treat. (by a phys. or hospitalization), significant prop. damage ( as determined by the members supervisor), or veh. damage with a severity rating of 3 or more.
When post drug/ alcohol testing is necessary, acting pursuant to administrative guidelines, supervisors will contact __, at 210-977-9595 (24 hrs). A and D Testing
If a supervisor contacts A and D testing after business hours, they provide the answering service with a __, __, and specify __. call-back number, call-back name, San Antonio Police Department
Supervisors will arrange for testing to be conducted by the testing agency typically this will be accomplished at the members __. duty station
The Department of Public Safety (DPS) has informed that administrative testing requirements will not be annotated on the TxDOT form __, due to them being __ in nature. #CR-3, non-investigatory
Results of the test are only released to the __. Office of the Chief
Declining a test results is the same consequences as a __ result. positive drug test
Supervisors are required to complete SAPD Form __ and forward through the chain of command for recommendations, and attach a draft copy of the __, a copy of SAPD Form __, and any pertinent, __, __, or other documentation. #CR-E1 Police Vehicle Crash Evaluation Report, TxDOT CR-3, #602-6 Vehicle Crash Report, AVL, Message Log Transcripts
The driver of a police vehicle involved in a crash will complete SAPD Form __. #602-6 Vehicle Crash Report or Loss Notice
Police motorcycles are towed ONLY to the __ with the City. company having the motorcycle lease agreement
Damage caused by police vehicle push bumpers is documented on an __ report as __. AFR Information, Damage to Property
Copies of the incident report are routed to __ and the __. Traffic Investigations Detail, Risk Management Office
The __, upon arrival, assumes incident command on crashes involving a vehicle transporting __ materials. Fire Department, hazardous
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