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Gen. Man. Proc. 705

Officer Involved Shootings and Custodial Deaths

A Shooting Team Supervisor, a Command Level Officer (Captain or above), and a member of the __ Unit will be sent to the scene of all officer involved shootings and custodial deaths occurring in the City of San Antonio. Internal Affairs
An officer is considered to be a witness if he is present at the scene of an officer involved shooting, but does not use _ himself. deadly force
Patrol division supervisors ensure involved personnel are not _ or _, except as set forth in this procedure. Witnesses and suspects are cared for and kept _. questioned, interviewed, separated
An officer is read the _ only if under suspicion for a criminal Action. "Miranda Warning"
True or False: Any officer suspected of a criminal action, who has been read the "Miranda Warning," is not required to make any statement, oral or written. True
Every officer, regardless of rank, who is assigned to an officer involved shooting or custodial death incident prepares a written report documenting the reason for _ and the _ performed and submits it to a _ Team Supervisor prior to the end of their tour of duty. responding, actions, Shooting
After the investigation is finished, a complete report of the incident is forwarded by the _ _ _ to the following: 1 The District Attorney's Office 2 The Internal Affairs Unit 3 The Training Academy Shooting Team Commander
An injured officer, if or when able to return, is placed on limited duty until SAPD Form _, is completed, and authorizes the member's return to regular duty. #172 Physician Authorization for Injury Status
A city issued weapon used in an officer involved shooting is reissued to the officer after the case is cleared by the _ Office. District Attorney's
First officer/Uedis responsibilities: Capam Care for injured Apprehend the suspects Protect the crime scene Attempt to locate and identify witnesses Maintain radio contact
Created by: toniazzo
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